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Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

Saturday was a great day for Razorback basketball. Both the men and women posted impressive wins, and ground, albeit frozen, was broken on the new Basketball Performance Center. It’s going to be among the best facilities of its kind, and should be a boon to recruiting for both Mike Anderson and Tom Collen.

Saturday should also be remembered as a day when some passionate, and apparently fearless, Hog fans braved the elements to see the Razorbacks beat Clemson. The crowd was smaller, but no less loyal, for the women’s gamelater thatnight. For every fan that rooted on their favorite team yesterday, there was a windshield scraped, a blanket packed, a gas tank filled. It took effort to be there, and for those who made it, your loyalty was noticed.

The students were the key, as they always are, and set a tone for the day with their early arrival and enthusiasm. Those of us old enough to remember recall when a student ticket to Razorback basketball games was among the most sought-after items on campus. A status symbol, really. The spirit of the student section becomes part of the lore. Mike Anderson has the basketball program back on the road to prosperity. But it’s the fans that make the Bud Walton magic.

While nobody in their right mind will lament the loss of the BCS, it must be noted that most of the time the formula worked. Oh, there was an exception or two, but generally speaking the two best teams played for the crystal trophy. It seems obvious after this past weekend that two best, hottest teams will play for the national championship again. For many, like me, the possibility of an Alabama-Florida State matchup seemed to make for a perfect ending, but the Tide blew it, and Auburn deserves to be there.

In his retirement, Roy Kramer should be proud. His BCS invention wasn’t perfect, but it has been the most significant step toward the football playoff fans clamored for and will now receive. It’s provided endless fodder for passionate debate, and it’s helped make college football among the most talked about subjects in America. That’s not a bad deal.

Go Hogs!

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