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Homecoming day blog

Homecoming day blog

DISH UPDATE ALERT: If you missed the Tweets and press release, DISH Network and Fox came to terms Friday. Tonight’s game should be available.

Have you rehersed for halftime? Last chance to check the band’s instructional video Bill’s Blog: Frost on the Pumpkin pregame blog NOON AT THE WORLD WIDE HEADQUARTERS OF THE RAZORBACKS: Awesomeness. Pure, unadulterated awesome weather today. Not a cloud in the sky, a nice south (read not ice cold) wind and the temp at a perfect 68 degrees. It will get fall chilly tonight, but we don’t expect the same super bitter cold that was Thursday evening — low in the upper 30s so bring your coat tonight. <a href="" mce_href="" >Football vs. Vanderbilt</a>

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