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Houston Nutt Press Conference Transcript

Houston Nutt Press Conference Transcript

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The following is a partial transcript of Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt’s weekly press conference. The press conference held on Sunday afternoon includes post-game comments about the Mississippi State game as well as preview information on Friday’s Arkansas-LSU game in Little Rock.

(Opening Comments)
“There is nothing like a win. There is nothing like winning on the road. Our guys it seems like to me are trying to figure out how to win. The most impressive thing about the last couple of weeks is that it has taken everybody on our sideline, special teams, offense and defense, together as a team, to win. I just thought everybody was so into it. They know what is at stake. They had their back against the wall and they played hard.
“We didn’t want to get down 14-0. That was depressing. But we came back and stuck together and stuck with the plan. We knew Matt (Jones) wouldn’t be 100 percent. One of the reasons we didn’t say much was because we would really would be guessing about whether he would be 60, 70, 80 or 90 percent. Nobody knew. We knew he wouldn’t be 100. We were going to get to the game in Starkville and see what happened. He was really out there on one leg. It is a strained hamstring and it keeps Matt from going full speed. He was forced to sit in the pocket. The thing that was positive was that he went through all his reads and he was very accurate. The receivers probably played their best game.”

(Matt Jones hamstring injury and status for LSU game)
“We don’t know that he won’t be 100 percent by Friday. He isn’t worse than he was last Sunday. In fact, he may be a little bit better than he was last Sunday. We are hoping. I think it is a plus that he didn’t re-injure it or hurt it worse on Saturday.”

“It has always been a big game. It falls on Thanksgiving weekend; everyone is looking forward to it. You watch the film we have been watching – this is a real football team (LSU). They are physical. They are very, very physical on both sides of the ball. They have probably the best group of backs as a whole in the SEC. The defensive lineman with (Claude) Wroten and Marcus Spears, they create havoc.
“Probably (UA Trainer) Dean Weber is our most important player this week, because he needs to get No. 9 healthy. We all need to be healthy. We are going to have to come to play our best ball game.”

(LSU tailback Alley Brousard)
“He can play. He is 230 pounds and he looks like he is always running down hill.”

(Difference between LSU running backs Alley Brousard and Justin Vincent)
“I don’t see any difference. To me I see Brousard 10 pounds heavier. No. 10 (Joseph) Addai, he is a great back. I mean they are great backs. Those two guys, if you watch, have been beating people all the year. We have to stop the run. It doesn’t matter who is back there.”

(Was Saturday the best game for Arkansas linebackers?)
“Yes. Pierre Brown and Sam Olajubutu were just outstanding. Clarke Moore and Desmond Sims are in there and we just need all four of those guys. But Pierre really had a standout game. I just think they are turning it loose now. At the first of the year you could see them hesitating and not wanting to make a mistake. Right now there are very aggressive and playing fast. They are hitting folks. That is what you have to do in this league.”

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