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Just Hang Loose

Just Hang Loose


        We’re finally in Hawai’i! This preseason has really flown by as we have been preparing for this first trip of the season. It was a pleasant change, coming here to the 80-degree weather and being able to pull out our summer clothes again. The whole team is grateful to Kokokahi Gymnastics (Bruce and Susie) for allowing us to use the gym to work out.
        After two days of hard work outs, we fell very prepared for this competition. We have several tough schools to compete against but with our determination and all of our hard work, I fell everyone will be very impressed with how far the Gym’Backs have come!
        Between going to Pearl Harbor and attending a Hawaiian Luau, we have learned a lot about the history and culture of Hawai’i. This has truly been an amazing trip and we are ready to go out there tomorrow and give it all we’ve got. We are living by our new team motto that we got with the help of one our tour guides: Just Hang Loose!

Go Gym’Backs

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