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Keepin’ up with the Gym’Backs

Keepin’ up with the Gym’Backs

Journal Entry by Freshman Jaime Pisani

My first month at the U of A as a Razorback has already been such an amazing experience. My coaches, teammates, trainers, and academic advisors have been helping me to get adjusted these first couple of weeks. It is a totally different lifestyle then the normal get up for school and then head to the gym as a daily routine. I now have strength practices, cardio sessions, weight training, and practice. Additionally, there are academic meetings, classes, and visiting the nutritionist once a week. Although this sounds like a lot, it has already made me a stronger, more determined, and a healthier athlete. In the end, I know it will all be worth it.

In the gym, I have already been training new skills that I never imagined I could do. The coaches are so helpful and keep me motivated throughout the practices and know exactly what’s right for me. Their main goal for our team is to make sure we become the best gymnasts that we can be. I believe that it is important to have such dedicated coaches that will help us achieve our goals. Also during practice, all the girls encourage me and never stop cheering me on. It is so nice to have such a supportive group of teammates. We already have become a unique family and that’s an important factor in having a great team!

The athletic trainers are extremely helpful by setting up doctor, massage, and chiropractic appointments. Also, they immediately put me on strength routines that would benefit me.

Another thing I love is having an academic advisor and nutritionist to meet with once a week. During my meeting with my academic advisor, we discuss my weekly schedule and she is always available whenever I need more assistance. Also, having a nutritionist is so important because it teaches me to make healthy and appropriate food choices as a college athlete. I have already improved my eating habits because I am now aware of how it affects my body and performance.

I think our team has had so much success due to this entire support system. I see a very successful season coming up this year and even more with our future athletes. The work and dedication from our team will help us achieve our goals and each season we will get better and better. I love everything about college and I can’t wait for our season to start!


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