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Lady’Backs excited about the NCAA Tournament

Lady’Backs excited about the NCAA Tournament

From the mouths of Lady’BacksThe University of Arkansas volleyball team is more than excited about its invitation to the 2004 NCAA Volleyball Championship. Here is a small sample of how the players feel in their own words.

It feels great to be in the tournament. I think we have all worked really hard this season, and we have had some major disappointments. The way I see it is: Making the tournament is the most rewarding part of the season so far. I hope we do great and prove that we deserve to be in it.
I was almost sure, from the way people spoke, that our chances of getting into the tournament were slim to none. Earlier Sunday morning I told Denny God could perform a miracle and we could get into the tournament. I definitely believe that’s what got us in. I’m really excited that our hard work is going to pay off in the end. I’m excited for the freshmen who haven’t been; but mostly I’m excited for Jennifer. I am really glad that she gets to end her last season with a bang!!!!!
Getting into the tournament is definitely a real honor. I’m excited because it shows that the committee sees our team’s true talent. They don’t just see our record; they see that Arkansas can play with almost any team in the country, and that is real motivation to do well in the tournament. We want to prove that we deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament.
I am so glad that we made it. It feels awesome. Everybody was waiting for this moment since we started. It seems that we got rewarded for the hard work we put it in. All the traveling, practicing, catching up with school was worthy. We will definitely do our best; we will try to get as far as we can no matter what it takes. I am ready to win.
I am so excited to be going to Missouri this weekend! With this being my last season, it is so great to make it to the tournament. I am also so happy that this young team gets to experience this. I know this is the end for me, but it’s just the beginning of what they can do.
It’s kind of a miracle that it happened at all. We were all 100% for sure that we were out of the tournament, then all of a sudden, we’re in! It feels awesome. The simple fact that we got in at all could be a sign that maybe we are SUPPOSED to be in and that we are SUPPOSED to do something with this opportunity.
I am really happy that we received a bid for the tournament. I think that we worked very hard for this and deserved to get in, we have shown at times through out the season that we can play with anybody, and now we get another chance to prove it.
I am very proud of this team. Getting a bid to the NCAA tournament is our reward for fighting through a very tough and challenging season. We have tons of talent on this young team and I am excited to show it off in the first round of the tournament
It is so rewarding when a difficult season pays off in the end. All the hard work including how many five-game matches? Ten I think! We have been in nearly every situation possible. Now we just need to draw from the experience we have gained and mix it with a ton of determination and focus and see how far we can go!

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