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Making Waves – Winter Training Trip

Making Waves – Winter Training Trip

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FAYETTEVILLE – The Arkansas swimming team wrapped up their winter training trip in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The team trained from Dec. 17-23 in preparation for the spring portion of the Razorbacks schedule that includes Division II defending national champions Drury. The team took part in the Nova Southeastern Shark Invitational during the preliminary session on Sunday in order to fulfill conference requirements.

Here is a look into the training week from senior swimmer Jamie Marks:

The combination of the Fort Lauderdale warmth, training under the sun (can’t forget-while getting a tan) and the holiday spirit, all together make for a great five days of practice. In addition, a trip to the Miami Heat, Mavs game brought an exciting night and a bit of inspiration to work hard through the last couple workouts. Though the rigorous schedule of two-a-days, running and other "dry-land" training leaves even us, 28 collegiate girls in very good shape, exhausted like little girls, we still managed to have our daily beach excursions. A week like this wouldn’t be complete without a celebration before heading home; we joined together as a team, a family, and traded gifts with one another in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Not only did the training trip get us prepared for a successful rest of the season, but it proved to us that we are capable of fighting through what may seem physically and mentally impossible. Happy holidays to everyone and don’t forget to congratulate your daughter with a special treat for all their hard work in Fort Lauderdale! Go Hogs,Jamie

The diving team heads to Indianapolis, Ind., on Dec. 27 for a weeklong training trip at the Olympic Training Center.

Click here for the Razorbacks times during the NSU Shark Invitational.

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