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Meet Lady’Back Iva Docekalova

Meet Lady’Back Iva Docekalova

This weekend our team was traveling to Dallas, Texas. We left for Dallas on Friday right after practice. The good thing about traveling with our team is that we don’t have to pay any money for transportation; all food that coaches order for us is for free as well. On Friday on the way we stopped at Subway and we got some tasty sandwiches. We were in Dallas around 9.30 pm on Friday. When we got there we went to the hotel. This time we slept in Radisson, we watched some TV and then we went to sleep. We didn’t stay up very late because we knew that we had to wake up early in the morning. On Saturday we played four matches. We won the first one 2:0 and the other three we tied 1:1. I think we could have won more games but always something happened in the game which stopped us from victory. But I think that we played overall pretty well, we just have to learn from the mistakes we did and not to repeat them again in the future. It is the beginning of April right now and our season starts at the end of august so we still have plenty of time to work on our physical strength and volleyball skills. On Saturday we got done around 6.30 pm. After our last match we traveled home. It was a long drive for us but we entertained ourselves. We slept as well so it went pretty fast. Today is Sunday and we have day off. Everybody is relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow’s practice.


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