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Meet the Coach – Chris Klenakis

Meet the Coach – Chris Klenakis

FAYETTEVILLE – Offensive line coach Chris Klenakis sits down for his turn on the summer series Meet the Coaches.

The on-line series from and RazorVision gives Razorback football fans a chance to learn more about the assistant coaches.

For the month of July, and RazorVision bring Razorback football fans a chance to hear from each member of Coach Bobby Petrino’s staff. Voice of the Razorbacks, Chuck Barrett, hosts the series, the first original programing series from the official website of the University of Arkansas athletic department on Razorback football.

The interviews are divided into two parts, the first highlighting the personality of each member of the staff and the second allowing each to talk about their coaching philosophies and their individual positions.

Each episode also includes behind the scenes footage from the 2010 spring practice. The "Mic’d Up" segment takes viewers inside the position work as each coach wore a wireless microphone for a day this past April.

Questions from Razorback fans sent in over the Memorial Day weekend to were also included, along with the "Two-Minute Drill" – a series of quick-answer personality questions.

The series will also reair on, and be available in the RazorVision archives.

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