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Meet the Razorback Administration: Marvin Caston

Meet the Razorback Administration:  Marvin Caston

Marvin Caston is the Assistant Athletic Director for Student Life with the Razorback Athletic Department and a former Razorback football player.
Q: Would you rather be rich or famous? A: I’d rather be happy, and what I do makes me happy.
Q: What was your favorite stadium to play at, as a Razorback? A: Death Valley (LSU).
Q: You went through a coaching change when you were a Razorback. How did you handle it? A: I was mature about the situation. I adapted to the new coaches’ philosophy and relied on my teammates.
Q: How did it feel to beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl? A: It was a great way to end a career, to go into their state and have more fans in the stands than they did. It was a beautiful game.
Q: Who was your role model when you were growing up? A: My Mom.
Q: What is your favorite sports movie? A: Remember the Titans.
Q: Who would you rather be, Batman or The Joker? A: Batman.
Q: Who is one person you would like to have an autograph from? A: Muhammad Ali.
Q: What do you like best about working with student athletes? A: Watching the maturation process .
Q: Describe yourself in one word? A: Compassionate.
Q: What is something that most people might not know about you? A: I am a terrible golfer.
Q: What is your favorite band or artist? A: Marvin Gaye.
Q: What is your favorite holiday? A: Christmas.
Q: What is the most adventurous thing you have done? A: I went down on the field after Super Bowl XXXVIII and celebrated with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Q: What your most memorable moments as a Razorback? A: Going undefeated for the first eight games of my junior season.
Q: What number were you when you played and is it significant? A: No. 33. No, I just liked it.
Q: What are you most excited about in your new role in student life? A: Being a former student-athlete, I am excited about having an opportunity to pass on some of my experiences as a student-athlete at the University of Arkansas and help establish leadership among our student-athletes. We want to help them in their development and growth as individuals and team members.
Q: What has been the feedback from the student-athletes about the new program? A: Our student-athletes are excited about a unified athletic program. You can see that sense of unity at the Welcome Back student picnic and other events. They are encouraging and supporting each other and that is exciting.
Q: What is one of your goals for the student life program this year? A: We have a goal for our student-athletes to complete more than 3,500 hours of community service this school year. Many of them are already making a significant difference in the community. We want to continue that commitment to giving back to those in Northwest Arkansas and around the state.

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