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Mo State game: Arkansas postgame quotes

Mo State game: Arkansas postgame quotes

Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino:
On the Trip to Little Rock:
“We came down here and did what we set out to do. I was really happy with our preparation and the way that we traveled. We are a more mature team than we were a year ago and it showed in the game. There is a lot we have to learn, but first and foremost I want to emphasize the positive aspects. We will get to work and fix the negatives by next game.”

On the Quarterbacks:
“I was happy with both of the quarterbacks tonight. Ryan did a very good job showing a good demeanor and leadership. He got hit a couple times and it was a good thing. He stayed in the pocket and made good decisions. I was happy with the protection, timing, the way the ball came out of his hand and of course the accuracy.”

On Alex Tejada:
“He did a good job on extra points and field goals, but we can’t kick the ball out of bounds on kickoffs. He is very capable of doing a good job and has done well in practice. Sometimes in the game you just try to put a little more swing into it and lose accuracy.”

On Passing on 1st and 10:
“At one point I told the guys in the booth, ‘I feel like I am calling a pass every first down.’ Usually it is about 50 percent pass and 50 percent run on first and 10, but tonight that wasn’t the case, and a big part of that was that we had such good protection up front.”

Arkansas Quarterback Ryan Mallett:
On Razorback Debut:
“This game was everything I expected it to be. It has been my lifelong dream to come out and play as a Razorback.”

On Two-QB System:
“It’s nice to have two quarterbacks that you can interchange without having a drop off on the field. It really makes your team dangerous.”

On Opening Kick Return:
“It was nice to have it as a cushion, but it was nice once I got on the field to see some playing time.”

Arkansas Running Back Michael Smith:
On Ryan Mallett:
“He got us down the field and did a good job of scoring points. I know he has really been itching to get back out on the field.”

On Off Week:
“We all want to get out there and play, but we need the time to really fine tune everything and get it right.”

Arkansas Linebacker Wendel Davis:
On Defensive Performance:
“I’m never satisfied, but I am happy with the way we played. I wanted a shutout, but you will always take the win.”

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