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Mo State game: MSU postgame quotes

Mo State game: MSU postgame quotes

Missouri State head coach Terry Allen:Beginning of the game and improvement:"The opening kickoff and the interception put us in a hole and we’re not a sure enough or good enough football team yet to overcome that. I did see some things in the second half that showed me we were better this week."Arkansas protection:"Their offensive line was good. And Mallett is big enough and strong enough that he can stand in there and get rid of it."Defensive stops:"We got two stops on the goal line and forced fourth downs and field goals. Last year they would’ve walked right in and scored on our defense. "Missouri State Wide Receiver Antonio Brown:"For the freshman coming into this environment, I think they did pretty good. I think we can really build off of this game. Arkansas is a really good team."On Dennis Johnson’s kickoff return:"It really deflates you. I think we could have had a better showing if we didn’t start like that."Missouri State Cornerback Cedric Alvis:On Ryan Mallett"Mallett has a strong arm and he seems to be on page with his wideouts."On Dennis Johnson’s kickoff return"That kickoff return was demoralizing. College football is all about momentum and we started out without momentum."

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