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Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Alabama

Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Alabama
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The following is a brief transcript of a press conference held by Arkansas head basketball coach Nolan Richardson to preview Wednesday night’s game with Alabama at Bud Walton Arena. The 7 p.m. contest will be televised by Jefferson-Pilot Sports.

“I saw one guy beat us by himself the other day (Ronald Dupree). Alabama, from a standpoint of talent, there’s no question they have very good talent. Their record doesn’t surprise me. The only thing they needed from a year ago was a guard, and that’s Mo (Maurice Williams). He can distribute the ball and make shots, and with the kid (Rod Grizzard) that went to the NBA and came back and (Erwin) Dudley and Kenny Walker, they are talented at all the spots. They haven’t lost a game at home. They are one of the few in our league that hasn’t lost at home. I thought the reason we were able to beat them last year, of course we had Joe (Johnson), was because of their guard play. They put it in the hole, can rebound with anybody and are very athletic with three or four guys who will have a chance to play on the next level. Mo is the difference. We’re going to give them our best shot. We’re going to get their best shot. It’s about tradition. When somebody walks out of here beating Arkansas, it’s big.

LSU recap:

“It seems like it is the same old song. Every once in a while it is a different tune, but it is the same words – can’t shoot. If there has been something that is consistent, that has been it, that we aren’t able to put the ball in the hole.

“We can’t hit the open shot. In fact, sometimes we can’t even hit the lay-ups. That has been the same old song for quite a while.

“You are as good as your jump shot. You live by it and you die by it. We have certainly died by the jump shot. Your game is predicated by guards on the jump shot. That is not to run our guys down; when we shoot the ball in the hole we are a lot better basketball team. We played pretty well early the other day. We scored 22 points in the first 10 minutes. The other night at Tennessee we scored 22 points in the entire second half. We shot the ball 17 times more than the opponent. It is about putting the ball in the hole.

“That is the thing about this team, if we can start putting it in the hole we are going to win some games. I really believe that. We just have to keep working at it. Alabama is putting it in the hole. I’ve watched some tape on them and they are scoring 85, 90, 95 points at will. They certainly have some guys that can play on the next level on that squad as well.”

Jannero Pargo:

“I think the world of (Jannero) Pargo, but sometimes when you become the player of the week and the national player of the week and it is all about points then your selection gets different. His selection of shots sometimes is horrible. But the sad part of it is that he can make horrible shots. That creates more horrible shooting because that is like Fool’s Gold.

“You can turn around and while your falling down make a 35-footer. Sometimes that isn’t good. Because you are coming right back and you are going to shoot that 35-footer again.

“Pargo feels like he has to deliver when the others are not. He has a case of I’ve got to score. It’s hard to say whether you are playing for yourself or are you playing because the other guys can’t shoot as well and you are about the only one who can. It could be both.

“Last year, he was one of our best passers. If you look at him today, he’s not a passer. He’s a shooter. He thinks he has to deliver points, and he probably does, but now he’s lost the other part of his game. Maybe there’s not enough of a supporting cast around him.

“It’s not so much about getting him re-focused, it’s about the team. We move better without Pargo on the floor because he looks for his shot nine out of 10 times. We may not get the basket, but it flows better. If Pargo had one forward, one real forward that could score, then he wouldn’t have the ball as much.

“The only guy that can get close to giving him a hand is J.J. Sullinger because he attacks the basket, gets fouled and goes to the free throw line while the rest of them spend most of their time settling for the jump shot. If the shots are falling, this is a nice club.”

UA’s shooting problems:

“When you talk about a team that’s doing something good and then all of a sudden it stops, that means the game is slipping away from you. Why does that happen? First of all, you look at conditioning. They might be tired and not moving as much or one guy may be taking over too much. A lot of the time a team goes to a zone and it throws us out of rhythm because we just pass it around for a while as opposed to continuing the attack. You can also look at the players. It’s a combination of many things. It’s amazing. We can come out in practice and shoot the lights out, but we can’t take it to the game. A good player is a good player all the time. Some guys will do it at times. This team can be good at times. If a team makes shots, I promise you, it doesn’t look like they’re standing around.”

Freshman of the year contenders:

“Auburn has a freshman that’s very good (Brandon Robinson). Along with Mo, I think J.J. (Sullinger) is among the top three or four freshmen in the league.”

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