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Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Team Ezybo

Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Team Ezybo
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas plays is second and final exhibition game on Friday at 8 p.m. against Team Ezybonds in Bud Walton Arena. The Australian team lost at Sam Houston State on Wednesday, 83-78. Team Ezybonds also has losses to New Mexico State on Nov. 3, 87-82, and Texas-El Paso on Nov. 2, 103-77. Arkansas lost its exhibition opener on Tuesday to the EA Sports Central All-Stars, 87-84.

“I think we’ll be more focused. I thought we were focused the other night until the last eight minutes. We don’t play to lose, we always play to win, but at the same time, it’s important to try and see everybody. We did one thing, and that was press, press, press, which gave me a chance to see everybody except Berry Jordan who played only three minutes. We will probably rotate a little differently this game to get ready for Monday (regular season opener at 7 p.m. against Maine in the first round of the preseason NIT). As for losing, at least you have their attention on what you want to do. Our practices probably would not be as intense as we gear up for Monday. We gave good effort, just not smart effort. We don’t have a whole lot of time left (before the season starts). Winning is important. There’s nothing like winning. At least if you get beat, you have a good chance of getting their attention a lot easier and I saw that this morning (morning workout). I think we have good talent. I like this team because they work hard and they listen.”

The outside shooting against EA Sports (9 of 35 on three-pointers):

“We have to work on attacking the basket. The shots we were missing were wide open. As many shots as this bunch has taken in the last four months, I never dreamed we would shoot air balls. (Jannero) Pargo was two of 14 and I saw six of his shots were wide open, and he’s one of our best shooters. Shooting was a big disappointment and the inability to get to the free throw line, but we just stood back there and shot. We’re telling them we have to attack more. We took 35 threes. That’s enough for two games. We should average around 20 a game. Looking at our team, we have (Michael) Jones, (Charles) Tatum, (Carl) Baker, T.J. (Cleveland), (Brandon) Dean, Blake (Eddins) and Teddy (Gipson) who all shoot threes. If each one of them takes three a game, that’s 21, and you still have Pargo who is going to get six or seven. We have a lot of guys on the floor who can shoot threes, but we want to attack the glass more and have patience.”

The play of Alonzo Lane and Dionisio Gomez:

“Lane has brought up his level of play so that he is able to score around the basket more. Gomez was null and void around there last year, but he has worked on his game, and Larry Satchell was three of four. Our forwards shot about 60 percent while our guards shot about 30 percent. They all wanted to show what they can do and they knew they were going to play limited minutes. We’re not settled in right now. Things will change. They’re still jockeying for position.”

Starters for Friday:

“T.J. will probably start because throughout our practices, he’s led us in touches. Lane and Gomez will also start. I want Lane and Gomez to get the ball more. Teddy played pretty good so he may start as well.”

Guard play:

“We have a group of seniors who has hopes and aspirations of going to the next level and they think their jumper will get them there. There’s no questions, our guards have to come through for us. I think the young man who will make the big difference is J.J. Sullinger. He has that kind of ability.”

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