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Pelphrey post-season media event

Pelphrey post-season media event

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Head men’s basketball coach John Pelphrey met with media Monday afternoon to recap the Razorbacks’ 2008-09 season. Arkansas finished the season with a 14-16 record. The following is a partial transcript:

Opening Statement:

“For us, right now, the thing is trying to finish up with school. Our young men got back here today from spring break and we’ll try to do a good job here of focusing on overachieving in the classroom and doing as well as we can. We’ll also move into spring workouts and those types of things. Obviously, we’ve been off since our last game because of spring break, so we’ll get a chance to get back in and see those guys.”

On the future of junior forward Michael Washington:

“(I’ve talked to Michael Washington) a little bit, not a lot. He’s back in town and I’m not sure he knows exactly what he wants to do. I think there is an interest on his behalf of coming back to school, but I think he may be interested in testing the waters, too. I guess we’re in the middle with that, but he and I will have a chance to speak further. I saw him today and we spoke some, but not a lot and I don’t know if he’s got a clear cut answer, either. Certainly, the air is right test the waters and it’s within the confines of the NCAA rules and regulations, so we’ll see.”

“We’ll gather some information but this is a decision for Mike and his family. It’s not a John Pelphrey, or even a University of Arkansas decision. We’ll support him and we aspire for all these young men to play at a higher level and obviously, Mike has worked hard to garner some recognition. I don’t know how much I’ll be involved in that, but I’d like to know what’s going on.”

On the impact of Washington potentially returning for senior season:

“It would be big (to have Michael Washington return for senior season). He’s a second-team All-SEC player and he made great strides from his sophomore to his junior year. I think he has a great chance of making a similar jump from his junior year to his senior year.”

On the status of freshman forward Jason Henry:

“I would say he’s still day to day. Obviously, he’s made some strides. Academically, we’ve got some work to do here finishing the spring up. That’s where we’re really focused with him to get that done.”

On spring workouts:

“There will be some time before we start (spring workouts), but in the ball park around the start of the Final Four. We’ll see how it works with classes. I want these guys to get back in here and get focused with school. There will be the similar stuff. I’m sure there will be some weights and conditioning and there will certainly be some basketball.”

On optimism about signees:

“We’re optimistic (about our spring signees). We’re hopeful that at least one of them, maybe more, will have a chance to come up here for summer school.”

On team improvements:

“For me, I want to see these young men take ownership of their basketball team and take responsibility for each other. There needs to be honor and respect among the team, police themselves. I get a chance to hear all the time about what we’re going to do, but now you need to show me. We need to see some of the experience take hold and it shouldn’t always come from someone being over your shoulder, watching you and telling you to get it done. Let’s take hold of our basketball team.”

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