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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes


Nov. 18, 2007


Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey

“We had four workouts in about 30 hours (between the loss to Providence on Friday and Sunday’s game against VCU). Their willingness and attentiveness to try to win the game was there. We kept playing. The thing that was best for us, outside of not turning it over, is we were committed to playing defense and our defense put us in position on the floor to make plays.

“Darian had a couple of nice finishes, and he had a big one late.

“Against Providence, not to take anything away from them at all, we looked like we had not been working on a press or anything. Our guards (against VCU) did a better job of getting us started. We will take responsibility as a coaching staff and coach them better, but the guards looked more confident.

“We did grind them pretty good (in the workouts). Hopefully we’ve learned we can push ourselves and still play at a high level.”

Arkansas Player Quotes:

Patrick Beverley

“In the practices, the coaches stressed not turning the ball over or there were severe consequences. We had to find something that was wrong. We found a little thing and that was facing up and attacking. You have to give credit to Coach Pelphrey and the coaching staff for finding that.

“I think we’re closer as a team (after the trip). Players understand their roles. If we can keep our turnovers down, the sky is the limit.”

Sonny Weems

“Those (practice) gyms were really hot, so you did not want to bear crawl the whole floor after a turnover.

“(VCU) has a great point guard. He’s one of the greatest in college basketball right now (Eric Maynor). If you can knock the head off the engine, you can stop the engine.”

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