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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game QuotesArkansas vs. Texas SouthernDec. 3, 2008

Texas Southern Head Coach Tony Harvey:“It was a tough, sloppy game. I only saw about 11 minutes of it (before being ejected), so I really had no control over it. We started out with a chance to compete. We should have slowed them down and that was our goal. We would have had a better chance if we could have done that. Arkansas played great I can’t take anything away from them.”

Arkansas QuotesArkansas Head Coach John Pelphrey:“We had a lot of respect for them.”

“[Courtney] Fortson was unbelievable tonight. This was his best game of the season [with] 11 assists and only one turnover.”

“With [Jason] Henry, we got a little glimpse of the talent he has. He has really been in a good place for about two weeks now. He’s made the decision to do the right thing on and off the court.”

“We like the two-to-one assist to turnover ratio. We did a better job of being fast in transition. We need our bigs to continue to run the floor like that.”

“We need the work on defense [on the week off]. We’ve got to get tougher and more physical. We’re going to make sure we get to class and focus on that on our week off. We’ve just got to get better on D.”

Arkansas Player Quotes:Jason Henry:“I just kept practicing hard and executing.”

“I never waste time. As soon as I get in there, I get to it.”

“If we keep working on our defense, we can beat anybody.”

On his recent missed games:“I think it made me a better person and a better teammate.”

Rotnei Clarke:“This whole week we were really focused in practice and I think it showed in this game.”

On Jason Henry:“He gave us a great lift tonight. It’s fun knowing he’s out there on the bench with us.”

On his slow start:“I knew I wasn’t shooting very well, but later in the game, the team did a good job of getting me the ball.”

On Courtney Fortson:“He did an unbelievable job of distributing the ball to everyone. He makes us a better team when he’s out there.”

Michael SanchezOn Jason Henry:“We need players like Jason. He brings a lot of intensity to this team. He makes a big difference when he’s on the floor.”

On winning by a large margin:“That felt good. We came out ready to play, and it showed. I think this win helped us as a team.”

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