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Post Game Quotes

Post Game Quotes

Post-Game QuotesArkansas vs. University of GeorgiaMarch 1, 2009

Arkansas Head Coach John Pelphrey:

“It was fun to win again. I don’t know that I can describe how it feels as a coach or a player when you are going through that, but it was good to get a victory. I told the team before the week started there was a lot going on. There were a lot of events and they had to remain focused. I told them that included the game today as well. It was great having the national championship team back to be recognized.

“We were pretty solid across the board, shooting, rebounding, assists and steals. We got production from several places. I thought our press was as good today as it had been all season. I don’t know if that was because Corey Beck and Scotty Thurman were in the stands or not, but we forced them into some turnovers.

“I thought Stefan did a good job. He had not been having a lot of success shooting the ball, but he made some shots today, and had good numbers in assists and steals.

Rotnei Clarke, G“It’s fun to win. It’s good to win on the celebration weekend. We didn’t want to let those guys down.”“When we went on that run we really extended our defense.”“Our offense is sometimes our defense. We try to use pressure to make them turn it over and then go back down and score.”“Steph came off the bench with a good attitude. That was big for him to have a good game and get out of his recent shooting slump.”

Courtney Fortson, G“We played great help defense and great on the ball defense.”“It was a privilege to be around that team (the 94 team) they mean so much to this program.”“You can’t keep looking for someone to motivate you. You have to find it within yourself.”

Georgia Interim Head Coach Pete Herrmann:

“I thought we didn’t manage the middle minutes in the first half in terms of who shot it and shooting it quickly. I thought we didn’t manage getting the ball to the inside and getting easy shots. We didn’t take our time and get them in and out. And (Arkansas) was offensively rebounding.”

“We are trying to go one day at a time and one practice at a time. This was our next game. We knew all these games were going to be tough.”

“Obviously with Nolan (Richardson)’s team coming back we knew it was going to be a special day for the Razorback faithful.”

“I thought they outplayed us. They played together well.”

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