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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. LSU

Jan. 20, 2007

Arkansas Head Coach Stan Heath

“I am so proud of our team. After two heartbreaking games it would have been easy for our team to put their heads down but they didn’t do that. They were on a mission today. I can’t thank our fans enough. They came out today and gave us an extra boost of energy. They are great encouragement for us. LSU is a very good basketball team. Today we did everything we talked about doing and we shared the ball with each other.

“How about Steven Hill today? He’s a big reason we do so well defensively. Our fans are really appreciative of him. He is setting the tone for our basketball team. He doesn’t say a whole lot but he brings it to the court.

“When we have five guys with double figures and one with nine points then that is a team effort. We need to take that on the road with us. Anytime we get a win it gives us confidence and that will help us on the road."

On Glen Davis:

“He commanded a lot of attention tonight. I thought we did a great job keeping him under wraps to a degree.

“In our conference there is not a bottom or a dominating team right now. We have had a lot of close ballgames and we need to close those out and finish them. If we can do that, it will be a telltale sign of how successful we will be this season.”

Arkansas Players

Steven Hill

“We were having a blast out there today. Our leaders really stepped up. They (the dunks) were pure momentum, they weren’t planned, they just happened.”

“We can’t get too hot, we have to stay grounded.”

Gary Ervin

“We had to keep the defense honest and knock down open shots.” Steven (Hill’s dunks) gave us momentum and energized us.”

Sonny Weems

“The SEC games are all going to be tough, we have to come out each day with the same intensity.”

“We just had to contain (Glen) Davis, he is going to get his points. All our attention was on defense.”

LSU Head Coach John Brady

“I’ll be honest. Our team tried hard and played hard and did the best they could to carry out the game plan. We didn’t do that well against the zone. We just need to play better against the zone from now on. There at the end we had a couple of chances to cut the lead to 10 with about four minutes left and didn’t execute. Defensively we played well but we need to do a little work offensively to be able to win on the road. We need to make more timely plays at crucial moments. I’m not disappointed in our effort at all.”

LSU Players

Center Glen Davis

“The pressure comes with the territory. They have to double team me. They have to focus on me and we have to win through the perimeter. They have to put pressure on me, its part of the game plan. I have to adjust and stay in the groove. I have to let the game come to me. It’s a better thing staying on the block and getting into a rhythm. It hurts a lot not hitting shots, but we must keep shooting."

On Steven Hill:

“I always knew he had talent. Tonight was his night with dunks and blocks. I didn’t underestimate his ability."

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