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Postgame Quotes Arkansas vs. Southeast Missouri State

Postgame Quotes Arkansas vs. Southeast Missouri State

Arkansas Quotes

Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt

“This was a good win. We had good concentration and played hard. I am proud of both our defense and offense. We were focused and were on a mission. We kept our blinders on which is what we need to do for every game.”

“We just had more depth then they did and we were able to play almost everybody on the sideline. Those guys deserve that. They work hard in practice so we wanted to make sure they got playing time”

“Keith Jackson had a great game. He showed us his old full back days. He made a good interception and I thought we might have to give him oxygen when he got back to the sidelines but I am very proud of him. He has been a great leader for our team. We saw his commitment this summer. He is a leader on the field, in the locker room, in class and in church. You see him everywhere. He has really stepped up this year.”

“Casey Dick played well and was accurate. He didn’t have any back pain. We are glad to have both quarterbacks well. We aren’t going to be afraid to put either of them in. Casey showed a lot more confidence today.”

“Darren McFadden’s opening run for a touchdown today helped set the tone of the game. It settled everything down and gave us confidence. That is what we wanted to do. It let the air of their tires and basically gave them no hope.”

Jamaal Anderson (on Keith Jackson’s TD)

“It was the longest touchdown I’ve ever seen.”

Michael Smith

“There’s a sense of urgency to everything we do now because we know we have a chance to win something. With Darren [McFadden] and Felix [Jones], I know I won’t get that many opportunities so I’m just trying to show the coaches that I’m ready whenever they need me. I was pleased. I know I can contribute when I get a chance.”

Robert Johnson

“It felt really good to get back on the field and catch a ball. It was a good feeling to throw one again.”

Keith Jackson

(On his interception) “I saw the running back run outside with the ball and the quarterback spring to the other side, so I took a chance of it being a throwback. I saw the quarterback come in front of me so I just gave him a stiff arm and kept running. This was good for us, but we still have a long road ahead of us.”

Southeast Missouri State Quotes

SEMO Coach Tony Saumel

“We expected the game to be like this. Arkansas is a good team and we don’t match up. Our plan was to come and use this as experience to get better for our next game.

SEMO tailback John Radney

“Coach (Tony) Samuel has been preaching to us since spring practice to finish every game no matter what. Even if we are down 50 we have to play hard and feed off our teammates. We had a little momentum after a long catch. On the touchdown run I didn’t think I could be stopped at the time and I was able to score. It was a good learning experience and it was important to get on the scoreboard. I think the biggest problem was we didn’t execute well enough to stay in the game.”

SEMO wide receiver Brandon Simpson

“Going into the game we thought we might be able to exploit them with the deep ball. We were able to get them on one in the second half. The ball was under thrown but I was able to get back to the ball and make the catch. The biggest disadvantage we had was that they had so much more size than we did. But this was a good experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to play in an environment like this against a ranked team since I am a senior.”

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