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Preparing for Success: Interviewing Strategies for Seniors

Preparing for Success: Interviewing Strategies for Seniors

Preparing for the future can be a daunting task for Seniors; especially when facing the possibility of interviewing for their first job or graduate school. The interview process can be challenging and even frightening. Building confidence and learning all of the psychological nuances of proper interviewing etiquette were the focus of the "Interviewing Strategies for Seniors" workshop on Wednesday, October 2nd with Alison Nail, Career Development Coordinator.

"A job or graduate school interview can be a drawn-out and intimidating experience. Preparation is the key to success and this event was designed to mentally prepare our Seniors through discussion and application of interviewing techniques," said Nail. Participants discussed the 5 stages of the interview process: Before the Interview, Beginning the Interview, During the Interview, The End of the Interview and the Follow-Up. The group also had the opportunity to put in to practice a speed mock-interview activity with their peers. Each student was paired with another student and had 45 seconds to answer interview questions such as: what are their three greatest strengths and how has their collegiate athlete experience prepared them for the future. They also gave constructive feedback to each other as well as positive reinforcement for statements that were well-said.

"Interviewing Strategies for Seniors" is a part of the Finishing Touch series to prepare senior student-athletes for life after college that includes other topics such as "Athletic Transition", "Financial Literacy", "Dining Etiquette" and "Job Searching 101".

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