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Q&A with an adminstrator: Chris Wyrick

Q&A with an adminstrator:  Chris Wyrick

Chris Wyrick joined the Arkansas Athletic Department in May as the Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs. In that capacity, Wyrick provides oversight for the marketing and promotions, collegiate licensing, media relations, multi-media partners and athletic department Web site. Prior to joining the Razorbacks, Wyrick was the Associate Athletic Director for Development with the University of South Carolina.Q: What is your favorite part of working at the University of Arkansas?A: The friendly, can-do attitude of the staff and fans. I love how our folks embrace you as a “Razorback” from day one.Q: Have you always dreamed about working with the sports department at a university?A: I thought I was going to be a lawyer.Q: What is the hardest part about fund raising?A: Multi-tasking and how fast you can clear out a party when people say this guy is a fundraiser.Q: What should people know about the Tusk Fund that they might not already know?A: Before we started this fund, we were the only live mascot program in the country without a “fan fund” to support its mascot.Q: What challenges do you come upon working with media relations, ticketing and marketing when you have a background in fund raising?A: You have to have good people in each of their roles and you have to give them the freedom to do their job.Q: Obviously you have many connections with South Carolina, working there previously. Is it hard to become a Razorback fan when we play South Carolina?A: Shoot no..this probably is the question that gets asked the most and the answer is easy—my relationships with past schools will always be special, but I’m a Razorback now and that means I work daily with our coaches, staffs and most importantly our student-athletes to compete and win.Q: Last year Arkansas played South Carolina in baseball. The Razorbacks were down by three in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs. How was it for you when Jacob House hit a grand slam?A: It was a great feeling..almost like beating your Dad in golf for the first time. You want to win so bad, but after it was over he is still your Dad.Q: How hard was it to be apart from your family when you first came to Arkansas and they were still in South Carolina?A: That was the toughest part of the job so far. My family means the world to me and that was a very difficult nine weeks.Q: What was your initial impression of Arkansas?A: I visited several times with Vanderbilt and South Carolina, and I remember vividly how overwhelmed I was with the facilities and the “Pride” of Arkansas fans.Q: In high school and/or college, did you play sports?A: Football and basketball, but I was not very good at either.Q: What is your favorite sport?A: I can’t answer that for fear of incriminating myself.Q: What professional sports team is your favorite?A: I have been and always will be a very passionate Dallas Cowboys fan.Q: What is your favorite type of food?A: Based on my waistline, it is easy to see that I live for pizza and chicken wings.Q: What is your favorite restaurant?A: My wife’s kitchen.Q: What is your favorite all-time movie?A: “Christmas Vacation” with Clark Griswald. He should have won an Oscar.Q: What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?A: I love to play golf, listen to books on tape and watch Survivor, which is my all time favorite TV show.Q: Where is your favorite spot to travel?A: Hawaii. There’s nothing else like it.Q: I hear you like to whistle at work. If you were to whistle a tune right now, what it would it be?A: The one that makes me smile the most is the theme from the “Andy Griffith Show.” What can I say, I’m from North Carolina.Q: Describe yourself in one word or phrase.A: Upbeat. On a side note, my favorite quote is “Many a Truth are told in Jest.”Q: What is your biggest fear?A: Letting those around me down.Q: Whose autograph would you like to have most?A: Tom Landry.

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