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Razorback practice report 8/21

Razorback practice report 8/21

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The University of Arkansas football team practiced for a little over two hours on Friday morning inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. The Hogs now prepare for their second scrimmage of the season to be held on Saturday beginning at 8:50 a.m., also inside Razorback Stadium. Saturday afternoon includes Fan Day which is slated to begin at 3 p.m. at the Gardens, located south of Bud Walton Arena. The following is a transcript of selected quotes from Defensive Coordinator Willy Robinson’s media availability following Friday’s workout:

On Rudell Crim and Anthony Leon:"It is extremely important, the fact that you have Anthony Leon who is a two-year guy and Rudell Crim, both highly rated players at their positions, we didn’t bring them in here to be back ups. The struggles that they are dealing with now are conditioning and the package itself because of how much we have in and the conditioning part of it. We have said it before; they have to know the difference between pain and injury. Continue to push themselves. We brought those kids in to play for us and to start they are very talented young men. I appreciated Rudell coming out today in the yellow jersey. The yellow jersey is a non-contact situation and he didn’t miss a beat. We kept him out of the contact part of it but he did get his reps in."

On the new players in the secondary:"We’re working to play these kids up until that first game until we figure out where we are depth wise and health wise. They have to be figured into the game plan. We haven’t approached them with what they are going to do or where they are going to be or what the plan is with them. We continue to see how far and how fast they have come along."

On Darius Winston:"Darius has done a tremendous job. When we are sitting in our meetings I always try to get continuous feedback from them so I ask them about alignments and assignments. He doesn’t [stammer] after my question. He can respond. I’m not surprised by it, I appreciate it. In my mind’s eye he is studying the game and he is taking notes. I think that as long as those kids continue to do that and not just watch themselves in practice but watch their position, they understand the position better."

On having just one practice on Thursday: "Coach threw them a bone yesterday; we were scheduled to have two, because of how physical our morning was and how hard they worked. I was surprised a little bit and disappointed in the fact that they should have had more energy and it didn’t feel that way this morning."

On Tramain Thomas:"I think that he has been great. When Tramain was a two I don’t know how serious he took the game, he just didn’t see himself being that guy. All of a sudden at the end he started making a push and then he became a believer that he could be that guy. He can switch and go from open to tight and is a guy that understands both positions very well. He can hit and make plays on the ball."

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