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Razorback Soccer Coaches Program

Razorback Soccer Coaches Program

I have always been very impressed by the dedication of our local area coaches. Understand very clearly how important your time commitment is; not only with the the development of soccer in our local area, but also in developing and nurturing the young boys and girls you come into contact with on a daily basis.

On behalf of the local soccer community – THANK YOU!

I am certain you do not hear that enough.

On behalf of the soccer program at the University of Arkansas – I would like to extend this small token of my appreciation.

Every coach in the local area, Recreational or Club, will be given two tickets to all of our home soccer games this season. Hopefully, this will serve a few different functions;

For those of you that are relatively new to the sport, expose you to soccer at the next levelFor those of you that are ‘soccer junkies’, give you another opportunity to see more soccer!As I have said before, on behalf of the local soccer community – say Thank you.In addition, passionate & loud fans are always welcome at our games. Like all athletes, our women love a great crowd. You can help with that.

So how does this work? Simple;

NCAA rules prohibit me from putting coaches who deal with 9th graders and above on a pass list, so every coach will be given two tickets per game. At the ticket booth will be different "Coaches Lists"; right now we have Ingram/Comets Soccer Club and Fayetteville Parks & Rec. I hope to have NWA Lightning and Fort Smith Express Club included as soon as I get their information back. Give the ticket agent your affiliation, name and age group. You will then sign for your tickets. If I am missing anyone, just send me an e-mail and let me know.

As easy as that.

Our first game is tonight against the University of Tulsa at 7:00pm.

On Sunday, we play Oral Roberts University at 1:00pm.

2008 Soccer Schedule

I hope to see you at the game!

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