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Razorbacks collect 17 wins

Razorbacks collect 17 wins

MIAMI, Fla. — Gregoire Lehmann from the University of Arkansas emerged from his flight at the Miami Quad as the group 1 winner. He finished with an undefeated record of four wins against Juan Acuna of South Florida, Waylon Chin of Miami, Marc Abdelnour of Florida Atlantic and Christian Blocker of Miami.

Mike Ward also finished with a 3-1 record and tied with Eduardo Pavia from Miami to lead their flight. Due to the scoring system, however, Pavia was awarded the group 2 winner title

“We are so proud of Lehmann and Ward for having an almost perfect weekend,” said head coach Robert Cox. “It’s great for them to be so successful so early in the year.”

Taj Harrison of Arkansas received accolades at the tournament as well. Harrison was awarded the University of Miami Invitational Sportsmanship Award for his character on the court throughout the tournament.

“It’s no surprise to me that Harrison would receive this award. He exemplifies all the qualities of a great student athlete every day. I’m very proud of him,” said Cox.

The remainder of the Razorbacks gathered 6 more wins in singles competition and 4 in doubles play. All six Razorbacks combined for a 13-10 singles record and a 4-4 doubles record for the weekend.

“It was a good solid weekend for all six Razorbacks,” said Cox. “We have a lot of tennis this season and this is a great start for us.”

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