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Section 4.0 Illness/Injury Policy

Section 4.0 Illness/Injury Policy

Section 4.0 Illness/Injury Policy

4.1 Reporting Injury and Illness

All injuries occurring during practice, competition, or off-season programs during the year should be reported immediately to a member of the athletic training staff to assess the severity and proper course of action. Any injury or illness occurring at other times should also be reported to determine your condition to participate in your respective sport. For any injury or illness that occurs after hours that needs the attention of the athletic training staff, any of the athletic training staff can be reached on their cell or in the office. The following is a list of athletic training staff and their office and cell phone numbers:

Dean Weber (479) 575-3756 — office:  (479) 957-0811 — cell
David England (479) 575-4018  — office: (479) 957-1842 — cell
Eric Linson (479) 575-6395  — office: (479) 841-6892 — cell
Dawn Didier (479) 575-7584  — office: (479) 530-7111 — cell
Graduate Asst.’s Office (479) 575-7507
Fax (479) 575-2946

4.2 Daily Treatment

All student-athletes who are ill or injured should report to the Athletic Training Room each day for treatment, rehabilitation, referral to physicians, etc. This policy will be in effect throughout the academic year, regardless of sport and whether or not that sport is ‘in season’.

4.3 Therapy Treatments

1. Each student-athlete will change into shorts for a below-the-waist-injury.
2. No shoes will be allowed on tables during treatments.
3. A student-athlete must plan on staying at least 30 minutes for treatment or care.
4. After practice, each student-athlete will shower and change before receiving treatment.

4.4 Football Injury Policy

Injured and/or Ill Student-athletes:

  1. MUST report to the Athletic Training Room in the Broyles Center each week-day morning prior to your first class during the season unless excused by a member of the athletic training staff.
  2. The athletic training staff or Team Physician only will make the decision to participate. No player or coach will make this decision.
  3. Will receive at least three (3) treatments daily.
  4. Will dress-out in shorts and jersey each day for practice unless instructed differently by the athletic training staff.
  5. Will attend all team and position meetings, go to each class, and report to the Weight Room at their appointed times.
  6. Will stay with your position coach during practice unless instructed differently.
  7. Report ALL injuries/illness first to one of the athletic trainers in the Athletic Training Room before being seen by a physician. This is the only way the proper quality control can be obtained in regards to keeping the coaching staff knowledgeable concerning the health of the squad.

4.5 Medical Referrals

Any student-athlete who is ill or injured will report to or call the athletic trainer of your sport as soon as possible. The athletic trainer of your sport is responsible for making any necessary referral such as to see a physician including completing a medical referral form. Under NO circumstances should a coach send an athlete to the physician. This is necessary to maintain continuity of care and exchange of protected health information. For after hours care, the student-athlete should notify the athletic trainer of your sport for advice and consultation. In an emergency situation, the student-athlete should go directly to the Emergency Room at Washington Regional Medical Center and notify the athletic trainer of your sport as soon as possible.

4.6 Medical Appointments

The following rules apply regarding medical appointments:
• NEVER break or be late for an appointment – you must call the physician or dentist if you must be late or cannot keep the appointment.
• NEVER be late or miss a class, practice, or meeting because of a medical appointment unless cleared by the athletic trainer for your sport.

4.7 Medical Excuses

A medical excuse will only be issued to a student-athlete after the above process has been followed and as the illness or injury dictates care. When appropriate, the medical excuse should be obtained from the medical provider from which the medical excuse is needed.

In all instances, the student-athlete should notify the athletic training staff of any conflicts with their academic responsibilities. If this can not be avoided, the student-athlete should notify the appropriate personnel (teachers, academic counselors, weight room staff, etc…) as soon as possible.

As per University policy, the acceptance of a medical excuse is at the discretion of the student athlete’s instructor.

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