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Seniors Learn How to Utilize Social Media for Job Searching

Seniors Learn How to Utilize Social Media for Job Searching

On November 12, 2013, Razorback Student-Athlete Development hosted Job Searching 101. This session, facilitated by Career Development Coordinator Alison Nail, is part of the Finishing Touch Series for Seniors. The goal of this event was to create an interactive atmosphere while introducing the students to some basic strategies of job searching, such as organization, job boards, networking, and social media. 25 seniors were present and eight sports were represented.

All participants were asked to bring a laptop or tablet to be able to participate in the session. Through a partnership with the Student Technology Center of the University of Arkansas, ten laptops were reserved for students that did not have personal devices. Due to the overwhelming presence of social media in the lives of student-athletes and society as a whole, Job Searching 101 focused on social media outlets as a great resource. Students learned about the ways to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when searching for jobs. While each social media outlet was being explained, students were encouraged to search specifically for careers or industries they were interested in and to filter with the certain requirements that they identified as important to them, such as location, salary, and benefits.

"While 80% of future jobs are acquired through networking, utilizing social media sites in a smart and savvy way can unveil career opportunities if one knows how to search them properly. These are just some of the secrets to job searching success. Understanding these techniques provides our students with an advantage over the general job searching population," Nail said.

Each student received a "Job Searching 101 Toolkit for Success" packet which included more in depth information about how to stay organized during the job searching process, how to identify who is in your network, tips on how to network, and detailed explanations about the job searching functionalities of different social media outlets.

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