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Soccer Helps Central Arkansas Tornado Relief

Soccer Helps Central Arkansas Tornado Relief

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Members of the University of Arkansas soccer team participated in tornado relief efforts in central Arkansas after the devastating effects of the storms this past weekend.


You don’t understand the tornado devastation until you see it in person. Let the rebuilding begin. #Arkansasstrong

— Razorback Soccer (@RazorbackSoccer) May 9, 2014


Upon arrival to central Arkansas last Friday, the team joined fellow Arkansas student-athletes in an effort to help with the devastation that struck the Mayflower community. They immediately began boxing up donated goods to create care packages for the victims and their families.


Razorback soccer spent a day volunteering in Central Arkansas. #faulknerrelief

— Razorback Soccer (@RazorbackSoccer) May 9, 2014

Assistant coach Mario Rincon traveled to central Arkansas to help volunteer and was shocked by what we found upon arrival, stating words can’t describe how truly devastating the destruction to the community was.

“It was unbelievable,” said Rincon. “We met a pastor who had his church completely flattened by the tornado, a church that had just ended service thirty minutes prior to the storm. That church would have been full of people. It makes you stop and think how quickly things change.”


Some more tornado pics from Central Arkansas

— Razorback Soccer (@RazorbackSoccer) May 9, 2014


Razorback midfielder, and Rogers, Ark. native, freshman McKinzie James joined the efforts in central Arkansas, shocked by the amount of damage that was done to her home state.


“Being there opened your eyes,” said James. “You always thinks it could happen, but you never really think it will. Growing up in Arkansas I’m used to storms and tornado threats, but driving down there and seeing firsthand what can actually happen is surreal.”

Rincon and James stated you could see the distinct path of the tornado, leaving some areas completely untouched and others unrecognizable.


Seeing some of the devastation after the tornadoes in Central Arkansas it’s eerie to see how quickly life can change.

— Razorback Soccer (@RazorbackSoccer) May 9, 2014


While it was difficult to grasp exactly what happened to the community as a result of the tornado, Rincon says it was seeing the state pull together to help out a suffering community that made such an impact on the Razorbacks volunteering.

“There are two things that hit me most,” said Rincon. “First of all, how generous people are. The state of Arkansas has really come together in relief efforts during this tragedy. Secondly, we saw first hand just how much of an impact the small things can make. Being a part of this was huge for us.”


We like to give a big thank you to all the men and women who have volunteered to help rebuild Central Arkansas.

— Razorback Soccer (@RazorbackSoccer) May 9, 2014


Rincon and James both stated the support the Razorbacks receive from the state of Arkansas is overwhelming and the very least they could do is give back to the community that is continuously supportive of the Razorbacks.

“Everyone in Arkansas is for the Hogs,” said James. “Being able to see the impact you can have on the community that supports you 100%, every day, is a pretty great feeling.”

To see more on the Razorback’s relief efforts in central Arkansas, follow @RazorbackSoccer on Twitter.




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