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Stan Heath Press Conference – LSU

Stan Heath Press Conference – LSU
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas travels to LSU for a 7 p.m. non-televised Southeastern Conference game on Wednesday. The Razorbacks are 13-4 overall and 1-3 in the SEC. The Tigers are 8-5 and 1-1. Following is a partial transcript of head coach Stan Heath’s press conference.

“We have to have great intensity and play harder than our opponent. I’ve challenged them and reminded them of why we do certain things. I want to stay positive because this is a young group and they need to have some confidence.

“LSU, it seems like, was on the road forever. They’re back at home and playing well. They had a remarkable stat in their game against Ohio State. The five guys that started scored all their points, took all their shots and shot all their free throws, but those five guys are good. Who do you double? They have Brandon Bass and Glen Davis has come on and put up some numbers.

“LSU makes six, seven, eight passes in its halfcourt set, so they have an opportunity to rest on offense. They can catch their breath and don’t get as fatigued. It’s important that we get up and down the floor, but they are good in transition, too. Tack Minor is as fast as anybody in our league.

“We have to find ways to get easy baskets, whether it’s from our defense, off rebounds, in transition or with turnovers.

“I’ve challenged the team to be tough and (at MSU) was the first time we didn’t respond. They were disappointed in themselves and will take it upon themselves to respond and play at a high level at LSU.”

Practice jerseys:

“That was an old-school theory. Starting isn’t important. How we start is important, but I know starting is important to the players. We wore blue and green today so nobody knew who was red or white. That was totally for our players to forget about who are starters and to encourage them to fight for minutes. I didn’t like the way we started (at MSU). How we start is more important than who starts. I want them coming to practice competing. Our lineup is wide open.”

Nice guys:

“The guys want to win. They have a great attitude and they are great kids. They beat the crap out of each other in practice and then when we get in a game, they’re nice to someone they don’t even know.”

UA’s big men:

“We just played against two seniors (at MSU). Lawrence Roberts, who is the first All-American I can remember that came back to school, and Marcus Campbell. It was an eye-opening experience. The area where we’ve been dominated the most (inside) comes up again against LSU. It’s ironic we’re playing all these teams with good post play early in our conference schedule, but it’s something we have to deal with. We still have good players to face after this, but these guys (David Lee at Florida; Chuck Davis, Kennedy Winston and Jamareo Davidson at Alabama; and Roberts, Campbell and Ontario Harper at MSU) are in the upper echelon.”


“If there was one positive from the Mississippi State game, it was that we went from minus-10 in the first half to plus-eight in the second. We can rebound. I’m looking for that. If a player wants to earn some minutes, he needs to grab some rebounds and he’ll be in there. We are boxing out, but we are not going to the offensive glass like we need to.”

LSU rivalry:

‘It’s somewhat of a rivalry. Part of that carries over from football and part is because we’re border states. Both teams have grown. They understand the competitive nature and know how to handle it. Last year was intense and competitive, but it had mellowed a little. We want the game badly, and so do they.”

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