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Stan Heath Press Conference – LSU

Stan Heath Press Conference – LSU
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas (5-9, 0-3) plays host to LSU (12-3, 1-2) Wednesday at 7:05 p.m. in a non-televised game. Here is a partial transcript of head coach Stan Heath’s press conference.

“The Mack truck has hit us and we’re trying to regroup. If you look at the teams we’ve faced, since we got back from the Christmas break, they’ve been very, very good. It’s been one right after the other. We’re still inconsistent, but we’re still fighting. We’re not giving up; we’re trying to improve. A win would really boost our confidence. A win would really help our mental state.”


“Against Georgia, unforced turnovers led to easy scores. We have to be ready. I’m sure LSU will press us. We have to handle the press and score off the press. LSU is very good in transition. Our defense has been solid and our rebounding effort was better in the last game. In LSU, I see a team that has experience, athleticism and guys who are dangerous in certain situations. Ronald Dupree, Collis Temple and Darrel Mitchell make them go. The key for us is their transition and handling their pressure. We have to be aggressive and make plays, and finish around the basket. A concern for us has been our ability to make fundamental plays like reading defenders trying to get a steal. I hope we can adjust to that and maybe take advantage of it. (Their press) is not just an opportunity to get across midcourt, it’s a chance to get a two on one or a three on one break and get some easy baskets.”

Losing streak:

“The last five games are over. We’re moving on and not dwelling on it. We’ll try to draw from the film how we were aggressive (in the second half against Georgia) and how we were not aggressive. I talked with Tom (Izzo, Michigan State head coach) last week and he reminded me of some struggles he went through his first year. He was comforting and said to be patient. It will not happen overnight. We have guys that are trying to play a completely different style. I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to know everything. I’m a coach who is still learning. In 20 years, I’ll still be a coach who is still learning. We’ve talked about what we’ve done against teams ranked in the top 25. We may bring back a tape of one of those games so they can see it.”

Arkansas’ fans:

“I have been positively surprised. I had heard that was the type of fans we had at Arkansas, the kind that stick with you through good and bad. I appreciate it. The roar of the crowd when you’re down by 20 and they’re on their feet, it gets to me inside. I know it’s a lift for the players. They know the people around them haven’t given up and they’re still behind them. I know my players feel like they are letting the fans down. They want to win. They just have to weather the storm and keep fighting.”

Present and future:

“I live for the present, but I plan for the future. I want to continue to let our young guys develop and grow, and play through their mistakes. I’m still living in the present. I have not given up on the team or given up hope. It can happen. A big key for us is to get one (win) and get it started.”

UA’s freshmen:

“I’m looking for more from our freshmen in the locker room, in the huddle and on the court. I’m looking for leadership and energy level. I think they can help build our team chemistry. Our seniors are all good guys, but they’ve been through a lot and sometimes it just looks like they’ve been beaten up. I hope the youthful enthusiasm of our freshmen will rub off on them. Our freshmen are an integral part of our team. They have a voice.”

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