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Stan Heath Quotes ? Oakland University

Stan Heath Quotes ? Oakland University

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Following a break for semester exams, Arkansas’ basketball team returns to action on Thursday when the Razorbacks play host to Oakland University at 7:05 p.m. in a game televised by the Arkansas Razorback Sports Network. The Hogs are 7-1 following the 75-59 victory over Central Michigan on Dec. 5. Oakland is 6-5. Following is a partial transcript of head coach Stan Heath’s press conference.

“I like it when exams wind down. Our team, the last few years, seems to focus better after exams. We’re starting to see that in practice.

“We are taking Oakland very seriously. They went to Pittsburgh and were winning after 20 minutes. They were winning at Cincinnati after 30 minutes. They have good inside play. They play seven-to-eight guys. They will prepare us for games down the road and get us ready for conference play.

“We’re healthy and I would like to see some things taken up another notch. This stretch is big for us. We need to start playing for 40 minutes no matter who it is against and Oakland is next.”

More on Oakland:

“They walk it down. They apply high pressure on defense, and they screen and cut. They have two really good three-point shooters. We have to do a good job on defense. Offensively, they are dangerous. On defense, I think there are some areas where we can go inside. It’s important that we try to speed them up a little.”

The schedule and attendance:

“The schedule is what draws fans to the games. We fought hard and made every call we could. I think one thing that has cut into the attendance is we’ve had a great football season, and rightfully so, people are thinking about football. Now it’s basketball season and we have a fun team to watch. I hope our fans will come out and watch us.

“Last year we were 15-1 at home and that was the best home record in the conference. A big reason for that is the enthusiasm of our fans.”

Charles Thomas:

“The last two games, he’s stepped up quite a bit. He seems to be ready, even mentally, to carry the load. There were times last year when he stepped up. His game is more than just being a scorer. He takes charges and he’s an energy guy. He’s adjusted nicely and every year has gotten better and better.”

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