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Student-Athlete Development

Student-Athlete Development

Welcome to the Office of Student-Athlete Development’s website! We are gearing up for the 2010-2011 school year and are excited to see another year of accomplishments on the playing field, in the classroom, and in the community.
Student Athlete Development’s Mission StatementThe mission of the Student-Athlete Development Office is to contribute to the personal growth and character development of Razorback student-athletes through holistic programming for success in life.

The Student-Athlete Development Office continues to expand its commitment to the offerings and opportunities in the following areas:* Academic Excellence* Athletic Excellence* Career Development and Graduate School Preparation* Community Service* Personal Development* Health and Wellness* Leadership and Character Development* Financial Planning

Our GoalsThe goals of the Student-Athlete Development Office are to:* Provide the resources to support the academic progress toward intellectual development and graduation for our student-athletes.* Provide career development programs that will enable our student-athletes to develop and pursue career and life goals. * Engage our student-athletes in experiences involving the university, local, state, national, and global communities through services.* Support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle, decision-making skills, encouraging emotional well-being, and personal growth for our student-athletes.* Invest in the personal development of our student-athletes through various programs that enable them to be successful in the classroom, the community, and in their athletic activities.
Our StaffThe staff members of the Student Life Office are:

Eric A. Wood, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development 479-575-4424
Rodger Hunter, Life Skills Coordinator 479-575-4056
Candy Erbe, Career Development Coordinator 479-575-4782

Please feel free to contact them if you need assistance.

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1. Gymnastics 2. Men’s Tennis 3. Women’s Golf 4. Men’s Basketball 5. Women’s Basketball 6. Swimming & Diving 7. Softball 8. Men’s Track & XC 9. Women’s Tennis 10. Women’s Track & XC 11. Men’s Golf 12. Volleyball 13. Soccer 14. Football

Lee Spencer CupThe University of Arkansas is committed to the enrichment of its student-athletes’ lives. These areas include: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development and service. Through the creation of the Greg and Hannah Lee Student Development Endowment, the University of Arkansas Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has established the LEE SPENCER CUP. This award will be presented annually to the team that demonstrates the commitment, character, and integrity and who earns the most points for the five commitment areas which reflect the way Lee Spencer lived. Teams earn points by participating in Life Skills programs. Each month, the total earned points are updated and the teams are arranged in rank order. At the end of the academic year (fall through spring), the team with the most points is declared the winner and will be presented the Lee Spencer Cup by Greg and Hannah Lee along with Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long at a home football game.

LEE SPENCER CUP RULES AND SCORINGThe Lee Spencer Cup is a way for the University of Arkansas student-athletes to be rewarded for what they are already doing as well as challenging their fellow student-athletes to become even more involved. The categories will be based upon the areas that define the athletic experience at the U of A. It is the responsibility of the SAAC members and individuals on the team to track team participation in the Lee Spencer Cup competition and turn in the appropriate forms so their points may be officially counted. There will be forms available for each category, and they should be filled out by the student-athletes from each team. The Lee Spencer Cup competition will always begin on the first day of fall semester classes and end on Dead Day of the spring semester. Points will be awarded during the aforementioned time period which coincides with the academic school year.The following is a list of the categories used and the scoring within each category:ACADEMIC EXCELLENCEThe purpose is to reward academic achievement.Highest Male Team GPA per term-25 ptsHighest Female Team GPA per term-25 ptsGPA Points (per term) – >3.5 or higher 100 pts 3.0-3.49 75 pts 2.5-2.99 50 pts 2.0-2.49 25 ptsATHLETIC EXCELLENCERecognizes the athletic achievements of our athletic teams. (Points only received for highest level reached in competition, it is not cumulative)Win National Team Championship – 100 ptsWin SEC Team Championship – 75 ptsSeason Winning % multiplied by 20* Track – Finishing within the top 3 teams at a meet counts as a win.* Golf – Finishing within the top 3 teams at a meet counts as a win.* Swimming – Finishing with the top 3 teams at a meet counts as a win.o When dealing with Track, Golf and Swimming when it is a head-to-head competition between the Razorbacks and one other team then win/loss rules will apply as normal.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTThe purpose is to recognize participation in programs that emphasize leadership skills, career development and good decision making as well as serving others in the athletic department, college, and community. 5 points per meeting will be awarded to each team that has at least one of its two designated SAAC reps at each SAAC meeting.Team % participation out of 100 pts, i.e. 80% participation=80 ptsSERVICEThe purpose is to promote serving others in the athletic department, college, and community. Service work done by individuals is subject to approval. Work to be done when the student-athlete goes back home must be pre-approved by the Student-Athlete Development staff.* Events organized by a head coach or the team itself – 50 pts* Events organized or made available by the Student-Athlete Development staff – 30 pts* Head or Assistant Coach present at activity – 10 pts (however, no more points will be awarded if more than one is in attendance)RAZORBACK CODE RED (TEAM SPIRIT)The purpose is to encourage attendance at sporting events and supporting other teams in various ways.Team % participation out of 100 pts, i.e. 80% participation=80 ptsSAAC reps for each team will be responsible for keeping track of their team’s attendance at Code Reds.Razorback Code Red Attendance- 100 pts awarded based on % of team members that come to other teams’ Code Red’s. All teams will get 2 Code Reds during their season (with the exception of football, men’s basketball, and men’s and women’s golf…see below)* Football and Men’s Basketball are big revenue sports and do not require the fan support that other smaller teams may need* Both golf teams will not have Code Reds because there are no home golf matches to attend.* Both Track teams will get 2 Code Reds each but one must be used during the indoor season and the other during the outdoor season. This means that the men get one to be used in indoor and one in outdoor. The women will have the same.

Lee Spencer Cup Events for 2010-2011 Academic YearThese programs are worth 100 pts each and will be scored based on the percentage of team members that participate in the event. (The list is subject to change with programs being added in the spring semester once they are made available)1. Life Skills Speakers2. Career Development Program for Seniors: Etiquette Dinner and Finishing Touch Program3. Career Development Program for Seniors: Mock Interviews4. Career Development Program for Juniors: Resume Workshop 5. Career Development Program for Sophomores: Sophomore Success6. Code Red Attendance

Download: transition_2010.pdf

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