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Summer journal – Week 3

Summer journal – Week 3

Note: Each week throughout the summer, a captain from the Razorback soccer team will write a journal entry to share with fans their thoughts on the upcoming season and what the team is doing to prepare. The entries will rotate among sophomore Allie Chandler, senior Camille Flores, junior Kendal Winston and senior Britni Williams. This week’s installment is from Williams.

Like a lot of my teammates who left Arkansas for the summer, I am preparing for my last week at home back in California. While it has been great being home with family and old friends, I am excited to get back to Fayetteville to start workouts and see my teammates. Several of the girls on the team don’t live in Arkansas, so summer is the perfect time to see family, but we still have to maintain a good workout schedule. For the summer, Coach Erin (Aubry) gives us a workout packet to help keep us focused and on track. Although it is summer and I am home, I still try to follow the packet and remember drills from the past year to do on my own. The best way for me to stay on track is to set an individual goal on the things I would like to accomplish for each upcoming week.

Even though I have been working out on my own, it will be nice to be in a team atmosphere again because my teammates are so encouraging and push me to do my best. We all feed off each other’s energy and it really helps for a positive, competitive spirit. I can’t wait to get back to campus; my first week will consist of camp, team workouts and summer school.

Most of my teammates will be back for 2nd summer term, so it will be nice for all of us to get in shape and play soccer to prepare us for season.

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