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Summer journal – Week 5

Summer journal – Week 5

Note: Each week throughout the summer, a captain from the Razorback soccer team will write a journal entry to share with fans their thoughts on the upcoming season and what the team is doing to prepare. The entries will rotate among sophomore Allie Chandler, senior Camille Flores, junior Kendal Winston and senior Britni Williams. This week’s installment is from Flores.

This week was an eventful week for the Razorbacks. It was the week of our residential camp and the first week back on campus for some of our Razorback teammates. The camp was much different than the day camp we coached earlier this summer. The difference was our campers were out on Razorback Field playing in the morning dew, afternoon heat and under the lights training hard. It was an amazing experience for me and my teammates to step outside of our typical roles as players and fill the role of a coach. It allowed us to see the game through a different view point, and most of all, we were able to see the future of Arkansas soccer and the talent ahead of us.

Despite the long days of working camp, it was a good week with everyone back in town. Our Razorback family was once again reunited, excited to get to work, and start off our season right. After playing in an intense staff vs. camper game on the last night of camp, the anticipation for the season was apparent in my teammate’s eyes. I could hear the encouragement, see the handshakes and feel the competitive spirit in the team. It was as if we had been on the same page for the past two months even while we were apart. We enjoyed every minute being back playing and working together. To put it simply, it was a great day to be a Razorback!

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