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Swatter’s Club Comments

Swatter’s Club Comments

Arkansas head baseball coach Dave Van Horn spoke to members of the Swatter’s Club on Monday afternoon and addressed several topics about the young 2009 baseball season. Below are some quotes from coach Van Horn regarding different aspects of the program

On how things have gone so far"We’ve been behind and come back to win, we’ve been ahead. We’ve had a little bit of everything over the first six games. The young guys need to learn how the coaches act and what to expect in the dugout. We re off to a 5-1 start and have had a lot of close games. Washington State (Arkansas’ first opponent this season) went home after we played them in three tight games and they played Oklahoma four timesover the weekend and they split with them 2-2. Whenever we play someone outside the SEC we want them to go win. This is the best team that Kansas has had since I came to Arkansas in my opinion. They easily could have beaten us twice, we easily could have beaten them twice, and we end up splitting."
An evaluation of the players"I think that the starting pitching has been solid. Especially if you take one bad inning away in the second game against Kansas where Dallas Keuchel is pitching and they hit a couple of flares."The middle relief has been really average and there are two of reasons for that. Number one, they haven’t done a very good job and number two; we have to get two of our kids back. We have two kids that are potential starters for us that haven’t pitched yet, Mike Bolsinger and Bryan Bingham. It looks like they might be able to pitch this week against California."The offense has been spotty. It is going to be there, there is no doubt in my mind. There are some teams that are putting up incredible numbers and that’s ok. We know that it’s in the players. What really matters is what happens in the next two weeks when we start playing in conference."

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