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Swimming and diving Puerto Rico daily blog

Swimming and diving Puerto Rico daily blog

Today started off as usual, w

ith the whole team coming together and eating a well-rounded hearty breakfast before heading off for our last morning practice at the pool. The sprint group got dropped off for their third day of grueling weights as the mid-distance and distance girls (including myself) got taken to the pool for our last dryland session. Our drylands consisted of core, TRX, medicine balls and stadiums. The distance girls finished with their drylands earlier than us mid-distance girls, because they had a grueling FMO (for milers only) practice ahead of them. Their practice entailed 10 1,000’s, which would be the equivalent to 6.2 miles; something that the average person could not do. As the distance girls finished up their 1,000’s, the sprint group finished their workout and stood alongside the pool to cheer on their awesome teammates. The mid-distance girls had a set of 27 200’s that we got through with the help of the sprinters cheering us on. Once we all got back to the hotel, we lined up to get our last double lunch of the week. Everyone sat down at the round tables on the sun deck and tried to soak up every second of sun we could while eating our juicy kiwi’s. As we started finishing up with our lunches two women of the hotel came around with lovely little grab bags and fun bracelets that had Puerto Rico printed into both of them as gifts for us to take home. After a quick afternoon rain shower, the team headed back to the pool for our final night practice. Yet before we could actually get to the pool we stopped by a lighthouse that looked out over the beautiful open ocean to take a final team picture. Our quality practice consisted of the main set being16 50’s all out, we all swam together cheering and giving everyone encouragement to finish the set strong. Everyone enjoyed the ride back knowing we were all getting a loaded plate of delicious food for dinner. We all sat with other teams, knowing that we had no competition to plan for afterwards. During dinner Anna Mayfield got up on stage and did an amazing rendition of the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance for our entertainment. Head coach, Sean Schimmel wrapped up our night with a speech dedicated to thanking all of our trainers, coaches and the hotel staff. This team has been beyond incredible and I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to be their captain. We started and finished this week exactly how we wanted; strong, dedicated, fun and exciting! It’s an experience I know I will never forget and I’m so happy I had everyone here to enjoy it with. Your Captain signing out -Hubbard(senior swimmer)

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