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The Daily Call – April 29, 2014

The Daily Call – April 29, 2014
Today’s Daily Call caught up with Joey Bailey, a member of @RazorbackWBB and recently named as next year’s president of SAAC:
You were recently named the next president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), which is an organization on campus you’ve been active in for quite some time now. Can you tell us a bit about what the goal of SAAC is, what you enjoy most about being involved with SAAC and how you feel about becoming the next president?
SAAC is a group of student-athlete representatives (typically 2 reps per team), we work together on behalf of the student-athlete general body. We are liaisons and work in the best interest of student-athletes and the University of Arkansas as a whole. For me, being involved with SAAC has been a great experience! I have learned so much about leadership, organization and structure within a group, as well as knowledge about the other teams and the things they are involved in on and off the court. I am so honored that my peers feel strongly enough about my leadership skills to elect me as president. SAAC has done some great things in the past and I know that the committee, executive board, and I only plan on continuing that great success.
One of the events that SAAC and yourself have been instrumental in planning and organizing is The HOGSPY Awards, which was just held again this season on Monday. What would you describe the mission of the event being? How does it feel, for you personally, when everything comes together and a great event is put on like it was on Monday?
The mission for the HOGSPY awards is to honor a great year as it wraps up. We want it to be fun and entertaining, as well as honor those who have exemplified excellence throughout the year. How do I feel about Monday? Relieved! Haha! We have already received a lot of positive feedback and that’s all you hope for when you put on event like that. There were so many people who I worked with who helped make the HOGSPYs a success. Toni Bahn and Marcus Sedberry were great teachers and mentors throughout the process. I am so happy with the event, it was nice to see all of the planning come together nicely…and our MC Brad Nessler was awesome!
You’re also very active in giving back your time through community service and outreach. What would you say is the most rewarding part of being so involved in outreach organizations, including SAAC?
My love and passion for giving back to the community can only be accredited to my family. They have such big hearts when it comes to giving back and so I would say it only feels natural when my teammates and I are involved in the community in Northwest Arkansas. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in in 2 Corinthians, chapter 9 verse 7, “…for God loves a cheerful giver.” We are so blessed so we want to be there for those in our community who are struggling.
While you step up and handle so much responsibility off the court, all the while you balance in playing basketball. How excited are you for next season with new Arkansas head women’s basketball coach Jimmy Dykes? What has it been like so far to have him in the office and on the court working with you all the past few weeks?
I am so excited! We have been working hard the past few weeks. We are developing our game and becoming tougher and stronger with each practice and individual workouts. Coach Dykes is so passionate and I think that his fire has already spread throughout the team. We are going to be passionate and relentless, and that process began four weeks ago.

@RazorbackBSB Set for Final Mid-Week Game Tonight at Missouri StateThe Arkansas baseball team returns to action Today at 4:05 p.m. for its final midweek game of the year, traveling to Springfield Mo., to take on Missouri State at Hammons Field. For a full preview click here.

What You Need to Know– With seven more hits in five games last week, Brian Anderson has hit safely in 20 of the last 22 games and in 39 of 46 games on the year.- Over the last 10 games, the Arkansas bullpen has allowed just one earned run in 33.1 innings of work for a 0.27 earned run average.- After hitting nine home runs through the first 32 games, Arkansas has hit 10 home runs in the last 14 games, including five from Eric Fisher.- With three double plays in three games against Auburn, the Razorbacks have turned an SEC-leading 44 double plays on the year.

NOTE | The Arkansas bullpen has given up just 1 ER in the last 33.1 IP over the last 10 games, including just 15 hits. #NeverYield #WPS

– Razorback Baseball (@RazorbackBSB) April 28, 2014

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