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The Famous Women’s Basketball Locker Room

The Famous Women’s Basketball Locker Room

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When the former Women’s Athletics Department expanded women’s basketrball locker room complex, the planners knew they was building something special. One-of-a-kind features like the "court wall" were striking additions to what was already one of the top locker rooms in the country. The Razorbacks never imagined that, like the New York Yankees’ grounds crew, their locker room would become a famous television star from coast-to-coast. Starting with features on PRIME Sports, SportsSouth and national athletic management magazines, the locker room became a highly-requested shooting location. So much so, coaches hosted their appearances on This Week in Razorback Athletics from The Wall. Calls started coming in from athletic departments across America for video tapes and plans as others wanted to duplicate portions of the locker room — both men’s and women’s basketball teams. The previous locker room now serves as the dressing area for the team. Several amenities such as new carpeting, expansion of lockers and a separate dressing table were added. The adjacent shower area was upgraded and a large private jacuzzi area was added. A team lounge and meeting room was built outside the old locker room. One of the most unique features of the meeting area is the 1/5th scale replica of the Bud Walton Arena floor which adorns one entire wall. Constructed of the same maple hardwood used on Walton’s one-of-a-kind suspensioned playing area, it provides the hallmark of the new facility. In addition, a special study hall complete with computer, video tape player and meeting tables was built for the exclusive use of the women’s basketball team. Along with the expanded space, the project also allowed the women’s basketball coaching staff to bring more of the team’s history into the locker room area. Among the special photographs and memorabilia are the nets cut down from the 1990 and 1991 Southwest Conference championships as well as photographs every all-conference or all-America selection and every academic all-conference or all-American.

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