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The Perfect Pitch: Personal Branding

The Perfect Pitch: Personal Branding

The "Personal Branding Statement" is becoming an important item in the toolkit of most people. It does not matter if one is a job seeker, a business person, or applying for graduate school, a strong Personal Branding Statement will cause people to take notice of a person’s value and remember him or her for future opportunities.

Junior student-athletes participated in "The Perfect Pitch: Creating a Personal Branding Statement" workshop on Wednesday, October 16th. Student-athletes investigated the definition of personal branding, how to write their own personal branding statement and then how to effectively communicate their brand to their network of people. In small groups, the Juniors asked interview-type questions of each other to help identity their strengths, what their future career aspirations are and define how other people may describe them. After answering these questions, each student was responsible for writing their own personal branding statement based upon the answers to these questions. Then, each individual shared with the rest of the group their own personal branding statement.

Keaton Miles, Men’s Basketball, said, "Now I know what a personal branding statement is and the importance of how to deliver my message and image to others."

A Personal Branding Statement is the value statement of an individual and a unique message that is conveyed to others. "Each student-athlete should know their value and be able to effectively communicate that to their coaches, peers, professors and potential employers. This workshop was designed for each participant to confidently introduce themselves and share their story in 30-60 seconds to anyone they meet in the future," says Alison Nail, Career Development Coordinator.

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