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The Razorback game day football blog — Alabama

The Razorback game day football blog — Alabama

2:32 PM — Clock expires and that’s it for today’s game. Thanks for joining us on the live blog. Remember, there will be no live blog next week from Austin. Join us again in two weeks when the Florida Gators come to Fayetteville.

2:29 PM — Bama keeps it on the ground, advances to Arkansas 29, clock continues to run with 2:17 left.

2:23 PM — Defense holds Bama to three and out. 11-yard return on the punt out to the 20 yard line. Wilson continues at QB for Arkansas. Bama blitzes again, gets one sack and Arkansas punts.

2:18 PM — Michael Ford returns the kickoff out to the 33 yard line, a 13-yard return. Tyler Wilson remains the Arkansas QB. He finds Dennis Johnson in the left flat for a five yard gain on first down. On second down, Tide brings the blitz and on third down, Wilson is intercepted. Wilson is a true freshman from Greenwood, Ark.

2:15 PM — Bama takes the first play from scrimmage after the kickoff; Rory Upchurch 63 yards for the touchdown.

2:10 PM — Wilson finds Michael Smith alone in the end zone for a 10-yard touchdown on fourth down. Alex Tejada’s kick makes it 42-14.

2:07 PM — Arkansas also makes a QB change, sending in Tyler Wilson. He completes his first pass for nine yards, 2nd and one. Smith takes the hand off around the right side for 11 yards and a first down at the 14 yard line.

2:06 PM — Bama doesn’t keep it long. Crimson Tide goes to the back-up QB, and Ramone Broadway gets the interception.

2:02 PM — Razorbacks return the ball to Bama on downs; Tide gets the ball back on its own 22 yard line.

1:56 PM — Razorbacks hold Alabama, and take over on their own 32. Facing third and four, D.J. Williams pulls down the pass over the middle and takes a shot. He holds on to the pass and gets the first down to end the third quarter.

1:52 PM — Bama keeping it on the ground this drive and the clock continues to move.

1:48 PM — Short pass advances Arkansas over midfield. Drive stops there, and Davis’ 46-yard punt gives the ball back to Alabama at the 20.

1:43 PM — Holding penalty moves Bama back; Wilson runs out of the endzone but lofts a pass on his way out. Flag on the play. Conversation with the officials, here’s the call — two fouls that offset, a contact to the face for Bama and a roughing the passer for Arkansas. Repeat third down. Not enough on third and Bama punts to Arkansas. Razorbacks will start at their own 40.

1:41 PM — Wilson hit as he releases the pass, great Arkansas pressure; on second down, modest carry to the 20.

1:40 PM — Davis booms the punt, and it’s mishandled by Arenas — he recovers his own fumble but the field position flips with Bama now taking over at its own 15 yard line. A 56-yard punt for Davis.

1:36 PM — Casey Dick takes one hit, bounces out of the pocket to evade a sack and turns it into a two yard gain — second down. Casey goes over the middle for Saulters, it’s incomplete and the crowd reacts thinking there was too much contact. Now there’s a flag thrown after the teams break the huddle. Sideline warning is issued and a five yard penalty. Then a second one for a total mark off of 10 yards.

1:33 PM — Jamar Love delivers a punishing hit to Terry Grant; the screen attempt results in a four-yard loss and forces Alabama to punt. Razorbacks take over on their own 36 yard line. Television time out.

1:32 PM — 12-yard loss as Franklin and Nelson combine for a sack on Wilson; second and long at the Bama 20.

1:29 PM — Coffee keeps Bama moving, first down at the 19.

1:26 PM — Arkansas unable to convert on third down, but a great punt from Jeremy Davis will pin Alabama at the six yard line. That’s the second of three punts today that Davis has nailed a coffin corner placement.

1:24 PM — Dennis Johnson with another good return, 33 yards out the the 40 yard line.

1:20 PM — Coffee breaks through for a 31 yard touchdown run; 42-7 Alabama. TV timeout on the field.

1:18 PM — Kickoff for the second half. Razorbacks 1st and 10 at the 24. Casey Dick intercepted at the 34.

1:13 PM — Individual leaders: ARKANSAS: Rushing — Smith 15-81 yds, Dick 3-4 yds, Curtis 1-4 yds, Barnett 2-0 yards; Passing — Dick 26-15-2, 145 yds 1 TD; Receiving — Smith 3-46 yds, Wlliams 3-34 yds, Miller 2-15 yds; Punting — Davis 2, 39.0 average.

ALABAMA: Rushing — Coffee 5-114 yds, 1TD, Ingram 6-53 yds 1TD, Wilson 1-2 yds; Passing — Wilson 8-3-0, 57 yds, 1 TD; Receiving — Walker 1-6 yds; Alexander 1-26 yds, Jones 1-25 yds, 1 TD. Punting — Fitzgerald 1 34.0 avg.

1:11 PM — Again, the main stat computer shutdown, so the stats are manual for now as the back-up is reset. Here are some quick numbers:

ARKANSAS: 14 first downs, 21-89 yds rushing; 26-15-2 passing for 145 yards; total offense 47 plays, 234 yards.

ALABAMA: 8 first downs, 12-169 yds rushing; 8-3-0 passing for 57 yards; 15 plays for 226 total yards.

Individual stats next.

1:10 PM — It’s not every day you see the entire marching band drop instruments and perform the whole choreography from Thriller. Needless to say, the back and forth step brought the crowd to its feet both cheering and laughing (in the did-they-really-just-do-that way).

1:06 PM — We asked for the tailgating photos, and we got some. From Iraq. More to come.

1:05 PM — The band has a halloween theme to the program.

12:58 PM — Halftime begins with a tribute to legendary retired Razorback track coach John McDonnell. The tribute dinner on Thursday was sold out, and the video playing now is a highlight package of both McDonnell’s career and the banquet. He is being honored on the field. You can tell when they cut to the video that John’s a little choked up by the response — a standing ovation for the 42-time national champion head coach.

12:57 PM — Frustrating first half for Arkansas offense with distinct highs and lows. We’ll have some halftime stats as soon as possible. The primary stat computer locked during the end of the second quarter; the manual back-up will be ready soon.

12:54 PM — Back from the timeout; Casey Dick rolls out to the right, looking for De’Anthony Curtis — tries to thread it in but incomplete. Fourth down and Michael Smith is stopped at the one yard line. Bama takes over on downs. Wilson will keep — no room to take a knee — to run out the clock and that’s halftime. Alabama leading 35-7.

12:53 PM — Brandon Barnett on the carry; crowd hopes its a first down; 2nd and goal — less than a football length to go. Barnett tries the left side on third down, but he’s tripped up in the backfield — 3rd and two at the two; Razorbacks take their final timeout of the half.

12:52 PM — Jarius Wright reception from Dick, 11 yards on the play, first and goal at the one.

12:51 PM — Bama wraps up Smith in the backfield, no gain on the play statistically — ball moved about a half yard up field.

12:50 PM — D.J. Williams takes the nine-yard reception to the 15, 2nd and one; Michael Smith punches through for the first down at the Bama 12.

12:48 PM — This time, Smith gets away and its a foot race. Bama runs Smith down, but its first and 10 for Arkansas at the Tide 24 yard line. Arkansas takes its second time out of the game.

12:46 PM — Michael Smith is one outstretched hand away from breaking a touchdown. He’ll keep his feet to get the first down. Dick followed up with a quick route to Joe Adams. Pair of Bama DB pound Adams; he just absorbs the hit, spins to his left, and adds a couple of yards.

12:46 PM — Casey Dick scrambles out of the shotgun for a four-yard gain.

12:45 PM — Dennis Johnson has the return out to the 24 from the two to start things off again for the offense.

12:42 PM — Standing ovation for the pilots and crew from VFA 32. That’s a first — the military that made the flyover gets to step out on to the field and be recognized by the crowd.

12:41 PM — The offense gets on the move, couple of great pass plays to advance to the near the Alabama 30 only to suffer another interception returned for a touchdown by Alabama. 35-7 Tide, and it looked like the Razorbacks might had another drive headed in for its own score. Tough break that becomes a 14-point swing.

12:37 PM — Michael Smith takes the screen for a 21-yard gain to the Alabama 43 — the offense is rolling again.

12:31 PM — Tide ground attack moves Alabama into Arkansas territory; Razorbacks tighten up at the 25, force Wilson into an incomplete and its 3rd and 8. Also, the pass rush gains one Bama helmet — one of the lineman losses his lid. The crowd roars to life on the third down, but Wilson is able to thread across the middle to Julio Jones; 28-7 Alabama.

12:29 PM — High kickoff, very little return; Bama starts off on its own 32 yard line.

12:26 PM — Another gutsy fourth down pass play; play fake catches Bama off guard and Casey Dick is able to lob Andrew Davie — the tight end — for the touchdown. The drive is 47 yards in nine plays for the drive; 5:23 and the Razorbacks are on the board — 21-7.

12:25 PM — Razorbacks starting to drive and move the ball up field to the Bama 12 yard line; brings up fourth and one, and Coach Petrino is going for it.

12:18 PM — End of the first quarter.

12:16 PM — Dennis Johnson takes the kickoff and evades two before bulling his way over Bama players for a 42 yard return; Arkansas starts at the Tide 47. Casey Dick rolls out of the pocket, finds Lucas Miller for four yards.

12:14 PM — Misread by Arkansas, Javier Arenas able to return it all the way for a touchdown; 21-0 Bama. Arkansas’ offense is having good plays, but hasn’t been able to maintain that success into a full drive.

12:13 PM — Michael Smith on second effort and 11 yards; Tide can’t pack the line as much and the gaps are opening.

12:12 PM — 13 yard gain for D.J. Williams, another first down

12:10 PM — Casey Dick rolls right again, completion is just out of bounds up field — important part is the wide open receiver. Now third down and Dick goes to the left and London Crawford hauls it in for a first down.

12:07 PM — Razorbacks getting a lot of pressure on the Bama QB; Issac Madison breaks up one pass that almost results in an interception; Tide forced to punt.

12:04 PM — Tide frustrates Arkansas, Razorbacks punt out of a unique new formation with three wide.

12:01 PM — 17 yard return tight-roping the sideline to set Arkansas up at its own 27.

12:00 PM — Glen Coffee breaks the line of scrimmage and is away for an 87-yard touchdown; 14-0 Bama.

11:55 AM — Arkansas unable to convert the third down, punt is away and it’s a well-placed coffin corner shot. Fielded at the 11, Bama advances only to the 13 where they will begin 1-and-10 after the TV timeout.

11:52 AM — Casey Dick rolls out to his right, finds a wide open Michael Smith — 18 yards and 1st down on the Bama 41. Penalty on second down and a fumbled snap — covered by Arkansas — puts the Razorbacks at their own 47 for third and long.

11:51 AM — Michael Smith for four yards on the quick draw; 2nd and six.

11:50 AM — 14 yard kick off return by Dennis Johnson, nice moves to avoid and Arkansas starts off from its own 22. Casey Dick goes no backs, Bama covers and uses his better discretion for a one-yard sliding gain. Finds Lucas Miller for a first down to the 38 on the next play, 15-yard gain.

11:47 AM — Tide edges in for the score, 7-0 Alabama with 10:40; TV timeout and Arkansas set to receive the kickoff.

11:45 AM — Diving reception keeps drive going for Tide; they are inside the 10.

11:43 AM — Defense is applying pressure to Bama; Jerico Nelson from the Jack spot punishes Parker as he releases deep — pass is incomplete. Bama goes to the ground game to try and advance. We’ll measure on this third down spot, and its a first down by the slightest of margins.

11:42 AM — Razorbacks almost get the block, but running into the punter penalty will put Bama back in business.

11:41 AM — Time out Arkansas.

11:39 AM — Jamar Love comes oh so close to getting the first turnover of the year for the Razorbacks, he breaks up John Parker Wilson’s pass to force a fourth down.

11:38 AM — After a big first down, Hogs have dug in for third down at the 48; the crowd comes to life.

11:34 AM — Alabama won the toss, elected to receive; Razorbacks have the north goal to open. First time Arkansas lost the coin toss this year.

11:33 AM — And THAT sound was the Razorbacks.

11:32 AM — That sound you heard, yeah, that was Alabama entering the stadium.

11:23 AM — The Swordsman flyover by VFA 32 — awesome as usual.

11:16 AM — Student crowd is late arriving, but it is a morning start plus today is Bid Day for the fraternities. We know they will be heading to the stadium close to kickoff, so things will fill in later.

11:14 AM — The hum on the audio for the video stream is tracing to some bad cabling; there’s a tech on it; Razorbacks just went into the locker room and the Razorback band prepares to take the field.

11:05 AM — Alabama makes its entry to the warm reception you would expect.

10:48 AM — Catching up on a little business from during the break — Billy Ray Smith, Jr. is the honorary captain today.

10:45 AM — Team specialists enter the field, warm-up music today includes a classical start before Hell’s Bells.

10:44 AM — Back on line after a brief wireless outage in the press box. As you can see from the changed photo, the sun is out and the haze has burned away.

9:58 AM — A truth in blogging statement: I’m not in the press box at this moment; actually next door in the streaming video bunker at Barnhill Arena.

9:55 AM — This is a recruiting weekend for several teams, and different coaching staffs were setting up their cookers earlier this morning.

9:50 AM — Ten minutes from pregame video start — click on the video tab then the link for the pregame video stream if you are a RazorVision member. Remember, it’s the pregame only — since this is a Raycom game they have the rights for the broadcast and any streaming. If you are staying with the game remotely, don’t forget to click over to the audio feed at 11:30 CST.

9:30 AM — If you ever wondered, no, it’s not bar-be-que in the media area on early kickoff days. A very nice breakfast buffet for the workers and media greets the throng. And, round bacon. The serving crew from Chartwell’s, the campus catering group, says that’s a Wal-Mart thing. Arkansas hosts the annual Wal-Mart shareholders member meeting, and they asked for the bacon to be curled into rounds.

9:15 AM — Fog’s almost gone, and the video board is playing a highlight video from our pregame flyover squadron, VFA-32, the Swordsmen. The video chronicles the unit’s time in country in Iraq from 2007 to 2008.

9:00 AM — Foggy start to the day. Here’s a shot from the press box at about 8:30. The ground fog is burning off, and the clouds should lift in another 30 minutes.

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