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The University of Arkansas Athletics Department announced the launch of “The Neighborhood”, a podcast series with women’s basketball coach Mike Neighbors.

The series features host and local radio talent Jon Williams as he explores what is going on in the mind of the Razorbacks’ newest head coach. The duo will visit with friends and celebrities, talk pop culture, and, of course, discuss the Razorback women’s basketball team.

The series airs each Thursday beginning Oct. 5, and will continue throughout the woman’s basketball season.

How To Listen

You can listen on iTunes by clicking here.

Episode 2 | 10.19.17
Welcome to ‘The Neighborhood’, our bi-monthly podcast. In this episode our hots talk about the upcoming University of Arkansas women’s basketball season.

1:00 | We are two weeks out from the season opener. Hear how Coach Neighbors handles the pressure of the upcoming season. He talks about his transition offense and transition defense. It’s all new for this coaching staff and the players, from what happens in the locker room to what goes on, on the court.

4:38 | Coach Neighbors talks about his “Pet Peeve” meeting. He gives players eight things that are his pet peeves and allows them to give the staff theirs. See how the culture is starting to take form for the team.

7:05 | Revisiting Coach Neighbors’ mistakes. Each episode will explore one of Coach Neighbors’ paper on the mistakes he made as a head coach in his first year. Trust and health are batted around by Jon and Coach.

10:23 | It is new to everyone this year. The gap between new players and returners is smaller as everyone is learning about the style of the new coaching staff.

17:43 | I want part of my legacy to be that I was a good teacher who helped grow the game. Listen to why Coach Neighbors shares his thoughts on social, in the newsletter, on YouTube and in this podcast. He talks about the Coaching Tree.

28:23 | Have fun. Get Better. Work Hard. What does that mean for Coach Neighbors and the Razorbacks. He discusses the team’s leadership and how he is replacing “motivation” with “inspiration”.

38:34 | Meet Nels Hawkinson, co-founder of Basketball Travelers. He is a friend and mentor and impacts the student-athlete experience at countless colleges and universities all over the nation.

49:00 | Coach Neighbors wraps up his conversation with Nels Hawkinson with a funny story. The men share a passion for student-athletes and furthering their education through basketball and travel.

Join us for Episode 1 as we kick off our bi-monthly podcast. In this episode, our hosts talk about Coach Neighbors’ journey back to Arkansas. They take a look at some of the things that have influenced Coach over the years and they welcome in mentor Coach Kevin McGuff. Coach McGuff and Coach Neighbors worked together at Xavier and Washington.

1:00 | Welcome back to Arkansas Mike Neighbors. Hear about his journey back to Arkansas and the stops he made along the way.

10:10 | Coach Neighbors reflects on his first press conference as the Razorback head coach. He breaks down what it is like to be surrounded by family and friends and he talks about getting to know the Razorback players.

23:15 | Coach Neighbors discusses the origin of his newsletter that has more than 77,000 readers. Learn how it started, how it has evolved and what doors it has opened for him.

37:50 | The Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff joins Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams. Get to know more about Coach Neighbors through his mentor’s eyes.


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