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This week in Arkansas volleyball

This week in Arkansas volleyball

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Hello Future Razorbacks!

“Energy” is the word that we emphasized for this past weekend and energy is what we got!

As you all know, volleyball is a dynamic, fast-paced, momentum driven sport. But as frustrating as it can be for players, teams, coaches and fans, momentum can also be a huge factor on which team controls a match. So for this weekend, we wanted control and the way we got it was from our energy.

After talking about it on Thursday’s practice and again in the pre-game talk, our athletes really took the energy goal to heart. I could feel the intensity building as we warmed up for the Georgia match. From the first whistle our athletes were pumped! Every block, kill, dig and rally saw a grand celebration.

Our freshman middle blocker, Destiny Clark, really became a new player this weekend. A reserved, polite individual outside the volleyball court, Destiny became our emotional leader on the court, celebrating each point to the max and turning into a beast at the net. We heard today that she received the SEC Freshman of the Week Award and she really deserved it.

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