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Thursday practice report

Thursday practice report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The University of Arkansas Razorback football team returned to the practice field Thursday morning for a workout inside Walker Pavilion. Following practice, defensive coordinator Willy Robinson spoke with the media.

On Thursday’s practice:

"It was a good practice today, very upbeat. I know the guys are relieved that football can be there main focus now that classes are over. It was really good."

On turnovers being a big part of this season’s defense:

"It has been very instrumental. The turnovers are very helpful. Every time we turn the ball over, it gives our offense one more series. We’d like to give the offense three more series every game. And with our explosive offense, we have more opportunities to score."

On Wendel Davis’ season:

"He was productive. He was healthy. It helps the whole structure of the defense because he’s the guy who gets people lined up and he understands what we are trying to get done. I think he had a much better year, a much more productive year. His leadership stands out in the huddle and on the field. He has done everything we have asked him to do."

On Jerry Franklin’s season:

"Jerry still hasn’t quite reached his potential. There are some inconsistencies about his game but there’s nothing that he can’t improve on. It’s starts this week and next and in our bowl game. He’s building for next year. When you look at our stat board, he’s at the very top of the board. His production speaks for itself."

On balancing recruiting with bowl preparations:

"You have to do it. We sat down as a staff yesterday and wondered if we were doing the right thing. There’s no doubt we are. Coach Petrino has proven success doing it this way. It does require extra time and organization as a staff because we don’t have our morning prep time because of our early practices. We travel all over the country so it makes your days long and your mornings fast. Our staff is used to doing it this way. Knowing how important it is to stay on top of our recruiting and visiting our recruits, it’s hard work but it’s going to pay off at the end."

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