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University of Arkansas Women’s Athletics Missi

University of Arkansas Women’s Athletics Missi

        The University of Arkansas Women’s Athletics Department has a commitment to serve its student-athletes by providing a supportive environment for the achievement of each individual’s potential in the classroom and upon the field of competition. Our mission is to ensure that the collegiate experience of each student-athlete provides a lifelong impact unique to each individual. The Women’s Athletics Department strives to instill in each student-athlete the following core values:

* Good sportsmanship
* Personal integrity and ethical conduct in every venue, from the classroom to the field of competition
* Group loyalty and the ability to function as a team
* Appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation and perseverance in both winning and losing situations
* Pride in accomplishment through fair and honest means
* Respect for diversity
* Recognition of the responsibilities of leadership within a team and the community

        In addition, it is the mission of the Women’s Athletics Department to represent a positive image for the University. By generating a sense of pride and enthusiasm among its student-athletes toward the goals of academic and athletic excellence, the Women’s Athletics Department can assist in the creation of an atmosphere of pride and enthusiasm among the general student body, alumni, the University as a whole and the community. The Women’s Athletics Department should strive to promote and develop educational leadership and athletic excellence.

        Based upon these philosophies and with the ongoing support from the Chancellor and the University administration, the Women’s Athletics Department seeks to achieve the following core goals:
1. Encourage a growing awareness of values with an emphasis on the role of good sportsmanship.
2. Encourage recognition of the personal and social responsibilities of the student-athlete within the University and the community.
3. Operate its program at the highest possible level of competition in accordance with the letter and spirit of the rules, regulations and policies set forth by the NCAA, the Southeastern Conference and the University of Arkansas.
4. Increase fan base and producing revenue necessary to contribute to departmental operations.
5. Increased private gift support.
6. Develop and maintain the best possible athletic facilities.
7. Recruit and maintain the highest quality administrative and coaching staffs that believe in and uphold the department’s mission.
8. Recruit student-athletes of the highest possible academic competency and moral character to best represent the University.
9. Provide the support and encouragement for student-athletes to graduate.
10. Establish and enforce standards of conduct for all student-athletes and staff.
11. Recruit and attract athletically gifted individuals who, in turn, allow our teams to be competitive nationally as well as within the Southeastern Conference.
12. Strive for equitable opportunities for student-athletes, coaches and staff, including women and minorities.
13. Provide quality entertainment for the general public in a variety of sports.
14. Provide public service to both the University and general community.

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