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Wednesday practice report

Wednesday practice report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The University of Arkansas Razorback football team returned to the practice field Wednesday afternoon for a workout inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Following practice, defensive coordinator Willy Robinson spoke with the media.

On the status of Ramon Broadway and Rudell Crim:

"Crim is fine. I am sure the decision will be at the end of the week as far as what we do with Ramon."

On being a heavy favorite against an undefeated team:

"You always go into the game with a little swagger and with confidence but there is always a little fear knowing that you have to play your best. It is still always, every week, not a matter of who you play but how you play. And that’s where the greatest concern is."

On Eastern Michigan’s offense:

"They have changed their offense recently after losing their quarterback in the Michigan game. They have gone to a two quarterback rotation. One guy gives you a different flavor and another guy comes in and he adds a different dimension. They have always been in favor of the run, which allows them to set up their play action passes. They give you a lot of multiple formations out of their different personnel groups so they lean very heavy on the run. Both quarterbacks run the ball well, they have a nice big tailback and they have some small backs that you can lose because of their size. They do a great job of hitting the hole and getting it up field. They attack your perimeter with the run game. I think they have done a nice job adjusting their offense with the loss of their quarterback, who was a good football player. They have sustained their offense with these two guys as far as expanding on what these two guys can do and cutting back on what they can’t do."

On the mental game coming off a loss:

"I think you have to go back and critique it and make sure you don’t lose the idea of technique and assignment and focus. Courage still has a lot to do with the game and we probably lost a little bit of that during last week’s game but we put that one behind us and what we are really focusing on now is the fact that we have things we need to do better. We have to be fundamentally sound, we have to be more disciplined and we have to have more courage and tackle."

On the team’s goals for the rest of the season:

"We take it one game at a time. Throughout the long term goals, you always have to have the ability to adjust your goals. And then you have short term goals and our goal each week now is to focus on the next opponent and to make sure that we play at our best, at the level we are capable of playing at."

On David Gordon:

"David played a lot for us last week and he responded real well. He was thrown into the fire a little bit, probably had a least 30-35 more reps than he was used to having. When you don’t get that many opportunities, sometimes you get tired, sometimes you lose focus and I was really proud of the way that David handled himself during that game. He responded really well and made some really nice plays."

On winning the turnover battle but losing games:

"I think we have improved in at least three or four areas, that being one of them. We have been fortunate enough to create those chances. We run to the ball well. We get hands on balls. Sometimes we get tipped balls because we run to the ball well. You can have as many turnovers as you want but if you can’t get stops on third down, you put yourself in the short third down situations, which are hard to win."

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