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What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

Two meets in Louisiana

This past weekend, the HOGS went to Louisiana to swim back-to-back double dual meets. On Thursday night we flew to Baton Ruge where most of us went to the hotel and then to dinner. However, the divers and few of the swimmers decided to go to the LSU pool and loosen up for the following day.

We had a morning swim on Friday which was the first opportunity for most of us to get in the pool and begin to learn the blocks and the walls. We did about 3,000 yards and then went back to the hotel to eatsome lunch.

The meet with LSU and Alabama started at 3:00pm and things got off well. We were greatly outnumbered by both teams but swam very well. One of the things that we have really focused on this year is team building and the results are obvious. There were many times during the meet when the team needed an individual to have a big race or dive, and it seemed like every time, that person did what we needed. Both meets came down to the last relay and despite season best swims, we ended up a little short. However, we walked away from that meet thrilled with how we performed and very optimistic about what the future holds.

Hilarie Wilson and Katie Borkovec looking good in New Orleans

From Baton Ruge, we drove to New Orleans and other than lots of time spent stuck in traffic, had no problems getting to the hotel. Our “night out” was actually a trolley ride for a few blocks and a short walk to a restaurant. Along the way, we saw just about everything that you could imagine! Dinner wasof courseCajun which was a new experience for some of us.The sevice and the food was excellent and we were full when we left.

On Saturday morning we headed to Tulane for our double dual meet with them and the University of New Orleans. The neighborhood around Tulane is really neat and it was fun to see. Lots of palm trees, spanish moss and beautiful houses.

The meet began at 10:30 and it was a slower start for us. We began the meet with the effects of Friday’s meet still lingering. Once again, it was the strength of our team’s unity that really took over for us. Even when we had some disappointing swims, the team attitude was energetic and contagious. The meet with Tulane also came down to the last relay and again we came up a bit short. The meet with New Orleans wasn’t as close because they are swimming their inaugural season and don’t yet have a full roster. They swam well and will be a force in the future.

The weekend was fun, educational and a successful experience. This weekend we will be in Pullman, WA swimming the Washington State University.

Team Dinner in New Orleans

Some of our souvenirs

Personal Notes:

Coach Anne James will be in Tennessee this week recruiting Coach Benji DeMotte will be in Minnesota this weekend recruiting

Check back next week to see what’s happening with the H2OGS!

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