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What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

Training has been going really well this week. We are still building up to our maximum yardage but this week had some tough sets. Specifically, we swam two different test sets to establish our early season threshold paces. These sets are to be swum as fast as a swimmer can possibly hold for the entire set. We then average the results and divide the time, by the number of 100s, to arrive at a hundred pace. The first test was to establish a distance freestyle pace. We swam 5 x 400 free on intervals from 5:00 to 5:30. If a swimmer averaged 4:20, their threshold pace was then 1:05. The second test was to find a middle distance stroke pace. That set was 6 x 200 stroke on intervals ranging from 2:20 (freestyle) to 3:10. A swimmer holding 2:20 would have a stroke pace of 1:10.

We use these results in two ways. The first is to establish goals for sets in the immediate future. For instance, we had a late week set of 4 x 700 where each 700 was 400 atT+4 (threshold pace plus 4 seconds), 200 at T+2, 100 at T. The second use for these results is simply a measuring stick of progress. We will do these sets again later in the season and will be able to gauge how we are developing as a team.

Things are also going well in the deeper end of the pool. Our large squad of 7 divers is very impressive. Coach Scott Reich says that the biggest challenge he has is restraining them from all trying to throw huge dives this early. He hasbegun to schedule two different practice times everyafternoonto be sure that they all get the most possible attention from him. In addition to plenty of pool time, they also have been training in both the weight room and our amazing gymnastics facility.

Alums Mandy Moran and Leslie Johns joinSeniors Lisa Petry and Hannah Cleggat a Volleyball game

Outside of the pool the team is also very busy. We are in the third week of classes and the academic requirements are starting to become a reality. We are very fortunate to have one of the finest academic support centers in the country and thatis an integralpart of our academic success.

We are also getting ready for the upcoming recruiting weekend. The team isvery excited about the opportunity to meet new people and share our Razorback spirit with them.

Onething that makes the Lady Razorback department special is that all the athletes know and support each other. This weekend we had tennis, softball and volleyball all in action here in Fayetteville. The swimming and diving team does a great job getting out and supporting all of our athletes. Our athletic department puts on a great show for all home games, meets and tournaments. This provides a fun and exciting way for athletes, students and the community to get together and support the home teams.

Pep Band at the Volleyball Tournament

Personal Notes:

Coach Anne James is on the road early this week for recruiting.
Coach Scott Reich had a bit of a spill and broke hisarm. Despite time in the hospital, Coach Reich managed not to miss any practice time! Quick recovery Scott.
Freshman Katie Borkovec turned 18 this Saturday. We all sang while she sat there and turned red.

Check in next week to see What’s Happening with the H2OGS!

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