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40 years tribute: Laurie (Dolgas) Zack

40 years tribute: Laurie (Dolgas) Zack

To honor 40 years of swimming and diving at the University of Arkansas, we took some time to get in touch with some former swimmers and divers to reflect on their time at the UA and find out where they are now. Laurie (Dolgas) Zack was a member of the swimming and diving team from 1998-02 where she specialized as a distance swimmer.

What made you decide to come to Arkansas and swim for the Razorbacks?

I felt like it was a great school and the team was so welcoming when I visited on my recruiting trip.

Was it hard to leave home and come to Arkansas? How did your parents react?

No it wasn’t hard. My parents were excited for me, although they were really sad to see me go so far away.

What was your most memorable moment while on the team?

My most memorable moment was finishing my senior year with SEC’s at Arkansas and tying our best-ever finish at the time at eighth.

How did being a member of the team help you through college?

Being on the swim team helped me because I felt like I was part of a wonderful community of great people through the team. Not just the other swimmers, but the other athletes at UA.

Did you win any awards or accolades while at Arkansas?

As far as awards go, I was on the SEC honor roll most years while I was there but nothing big.

What was your major?

I was a math major in college.

Who was your coach at the time and what was he/she like?

Anne Goodman James was my main coach the first year, then Betsy Graham was my coach for my sophomore and junior year. Lastly, Auggie Busch was my coach for my senior year.

What do you do now, and where to you live?

I am a Mathematics Professor at High Point University in High Point, NC. I live in Burlington, NC. I married a UA track/cross country runner Eric Zack and we have two daughters who are almost 1 and 2 1/2 years old.

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