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From The Desk of Your AD

I greet you today on what is the anniversary of a special day for me both personally and professionally.  A year ago, December 6, 2017, I joined Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz on stage in the Fowler Family Baseball and Track Training Center for my introductory press conference as your vice chancellor and director of athletics.


June 17Ark 11, Texas 51 p.m., ESPN
June 17TTU 6, Fla 36 p.m., ESPN
June 19Fla 6, Texas 12:37 p.m., ESPN
June 20Ark 7, TTU 42:30 p.m., ESPN2
June 21Fla 9, TTU 67 p.m., ESPNU
June 22Ark 5, Fla 27 p.m., ESPN
June 25Ark 4, OSU 16 p.m., ESPN
June 26OSU 5, Ark 36 p.m., ESPN
June 27OSU 5, Ark 05:30 p.m., ESPN
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