The Arkansas Traditions

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The Fight Song
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The Lady Razorback logo
    There have been several Lady Razorback logos to represent the Women's Athletics Department.
     In 1995, a new logo -- seen at the top of all the pages of -- was commissioned to celebrate 25 years of Lady Razorback athletics. The new logo was designed by Tim Walker of Walker Creative. It became the official logo of the Women's Athletics Department in May of 1995.
Why Razorbacks?
       Arkansas' athletic teams have not always been called the Razorbacks. During the early years of its athletic history, the Cardinal served as the University nickname.
       A lot of things changed in 1909, however, when Arkansas football coach Hugo Bezdek called his players "a wild band of Razorback hogs," after guiding his team to a 16-0 victory over Louisiana State on October 30, 1909.
       Alluding to the Razorback, characterized by a ridge back and tenacious, wild fighting ability, Bezdek never forgot this idea and often called his team "a fighting band of Razorbacks."
       This new nickname became increasingly popular and the student body voted to change the official University mascot from the Cardinal to the Razorbacks in 1910.
       In the 1920s, "Wooo, Pig, Sooie" was added as the school yell, referred to more commonly today as the "Hog Call."

Why Lady Razorbacks?
       From its inception in 1971, the Women's Athletics Department was a separate entity at the University of Arkansas. Many universities were arranged in separate departments, but with the demise of the AIAW, many universities folded their women's athletics departments into their men's. Not so at Arkansas. Like a handful of similarly progressive major universities, Arkansas maintained and reinforced its separate department to serve the special needs of female athletes.
       To emphasize its separate identity, the Arkansas Women's Athletics Department continues to use "Lady" in its nickname. While some consider it progressive to drop "Lady," Arkansas employs it as a marketing and identification tool.

What's a Lady'Back?
       The use of the contraction "Lady'Back" as a second reference for the Lady Razorbacks was adopted in 1989 along with a new departmental logo. Not unlike the evolution of "Razorback" as a mascot, the term "Lady'Back" had been used by fans and headline writers for several years.
Links to the Lady Razorback Spirit Groups

Lady'Back Cheer Squad

Big Red mascot

Lady'Back HogWild Band
More Arkansas Traditions

Old Main
        The original building of Arkansas' campus, Old Main symbolizes the strong connection to the past and the focus upon the future which come together in the present at the University of Arkansas. Completed in 1876, Old Main stood the test of time until the mid-1980s when age and modern building codes threatened to send it to the wrecking ball as it did its sister building at the University of Illinois.
        A major fundraising campaign by alumni totally renovated Old Main. Reopening in 1992, the building maintains the feel of a Victorian-era building with high ceilings and elaborate wooden trim. Just below the surface of the period hardwood floors, Old Main is hard-wired to the internet and built to last well into its second century.
        Old Main actually was a copy of a building on the University of Illinois campus. Legend has it the only difference between the two buildings was the north tower of Arkansas' Old Main is taller than the south tower. Folklore says this was symbolism for the Civil War since the lead engineer was a northern veteran.

Arkansas' Fans
        They are everywhere.
        Razorback fans of all ages, shapes and sizes populate The Natural State.
        UA fans are among the most spirited in the nation. Yelling and screaming and painting themselves red and white, Lady Razorback fans at all of Arkansas' sporting venues have developed one of the most unique forms of showing their appreciation at events. They call the Hogs.
The Hog Hat
       It is true; no Razorback fans' closet is complete without an official Hog Hat. The hard plastic hat with a long snout, rough razorback ridges across the top and wickedly sharp, pointed curly-cue tail is undoubtedly the most recognized piece of fan apparel in college athletics.

Senior Walk

       The University of Arkansas is proud to be the last university in the nation maintaining what once was a common tradition of etching its graduates' names into the campus sidewalks. The 100,000th graduate's name went down in cement during the 1990s. As UA enters the 21st Century, Senior Walk stretches over five miles of campus sidewalks.
        The story of Senior Walk is a perfect example of how the University of Arkansas brings its commitment to the past together with innovations for the future. When the costs involved in hand-etching names into concrete forced numerous other universities to give up, the University of Arkansas turned to its physical plant and engineering school grads to create a one-of-a-kind computerized sandblasting machine -- the SandHog.
        Each summer, the SandHog roars across the front lawn of Old Main, etching the names of graduates into sidewalks.
        In addition, the SandHog is employed on other special sidewalk projects across the campus, including the Make Your Mark program to recognize and honor those who have made a contribution to the Lady Razorback Foundation toward the Bev Lewis Center for Women’s Athletics